Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dressed in peacock feathers

I have looked at this fabulous Liberty fabric for a while now. There was something about the coral colour and the peacock pattern, which just made me come back to the shop Malika og Rosa over and over again.

Somehow I thought that 200 Danish kroner - about 37 $ - per metre was rater expencive (and why on earth don't I think the same when I buy Marimekko fabrics??). SO that made me hesitate buying it....

But I would love to make that fabric into a top with slim shoulder straps and wear it on a warm summer day on tanned skin.

So the other day I had to buy it...

I know that the fabric is available in other colours too - you can see them on Liberty's website.

Malika og Rosa has the Ceasar Liberty fabric in several colours too - like this and this. And they carry the two colours above as well.

When I showed the picture of my coral coloured fabric to my daughter, she was all crazy about it too. But that will not make a difference this time...the fabric is mine!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Paperdoll project

For a long time - almost a couple of years - I have had an idea. Several times I have bought the necessary things to make it come true, and several times I have not started the project.

Nevertheless the idea keeps coming back in my head, and when I saw these sweet paperdolls on etsy, I knew that it was time to pull out my ideas again.

Maybe I will be able to show a finished result to you in a little while - or maybe I will wrap it all up and save it in my mind once more.....

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Today is...

Today is, originally uploaded by lille-ursus.

...a bit of this.

  1. I'm still working on the little dress in the green fabric with pink flowers. The straps are going to be the trim with the ladybirds - I had to sew another trim on the backside, because I didn't want it to be itchy on the bare shoulders.
  2. Many of my geraniums are in bloom. I just adore that soft colour of pink along with the green stalk. All summer they will look beautiful in my windowsills and outside on my terrace.
  3. Yesterday I recieved the lovely cupcake band from lilla lotta. It's so well made and I must be very careful about using it for the very right project...
  4. Finally I'm doing a bit of embroidery again. On a little dress in Gingham fabric, I'm sewing the Lily Chandelier pattern which I bought a while ago. You can get it here if you like.

A very nice day to all of you :o)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Vintage baby knits - oh yes!

A new book has come to my attention.....and yes, I know: it's for babies - and I'm not pregnant!

Still it has so many adorable patterns and I love the style they are designed in. From the period of 1920 to 1950. The book is written by Kristen Rengren and was published in April.

Lots of soft colours of yarns and many patterns in different colours, as well as different stiches. The perfect mix!

Furthermore the book is full of fantastic photos.....It's definitely a MUST for me to get it. If you are interested you can get it right here!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Do you remember Persicaria Capitata??

I certainly do.....

I finally found them in a little webshop, which by the way is closing and for that reason sells very cheap seeds.

In order to find them next year too, I have written down the name of the little round flowers in Danish: Hovedpilurt. However I might like the English name better: Pink describes them much better, I think.

In May I love these

In May I love these, originally uploaded by lille-ursus.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Snapshots of a Thursday

Yesterday we were here in our garden, Emil and I....

And while Emil was doing this
....I had my eyes on him and my knitting, enjoying every moment.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"Peacock" and spice

Finally I finished the dress with the feather and fan pattern - my very first pattern knitting ever!! I'm actually rather proud that I didn't start a new knitting project before finishing this one!! I had promised myself that the dress HAD to be done, before the noda cardigan and the elephant vest from Navia were taken out of the knitting basket!

It wasn't that hard to do the pattern knitting as I had expected - eventhough i made the dress look slightly different from the original photo! I simply didn't understand a bit of the recipe and tried to knit what it the top part of the front and the back have been re-designed!

All I have to do now, is crochet some buttonhole loops and add some buttons on the back.

I have already started the gorgeous cardigan from Noda. I love that cardigan so much!! And the Junik yarn which I'm using for it, is absolutly stunning.....the only thing I hate about it, is all the yarn fibers which I tend to breathe in while knitting!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Emma's dress

Emmas dress, originally uploaded by lille-ursus.

I made this dress for Emma's birthday. The fabric I used is bought at Stof & Stil. It's light and perfect for a dress and I really like the print with the little dots in blue and white. (I might have to get some more for a dress for myself.)

I wanted it to be a dress/tunic which she could use with leggins on cold days, and as a dress on sunny days.

It's always difficult to buy or make clothes for girls in that age. You never know whether they like it or not. I remember that clearly from Anne-Sophie being 11-12 years old. Oh my!

Emma seemed happy about this and I think she looked beautiful in it - not that she needs a dress for that. With her dark hair, blue eyes and smiling face, she's a beauty every day....

Emma - now 11 years old

I'm happy that the weather has decided to be a bit better today, than it was on my birthday.....Because today is the 11th birthday of our lovely and sweet cousin Emma.

A sunny day is actually a very good picture of the kind of person Emma is. I have hardly ever seen her angry - she always smiles and is a very positive girl.

I don't think that you can find a person who doesn't like Emma....everyone likes her company and the fact that she is fair and good towards the people she meets.

Later on today we will go visit her and celebrate her birthday with her. I look forward to that and so does the rest of my family.


Saturday, May 16, 2009


38, originally uploaded by lille-ursus.

What a wonderful day with sweet, sweet people and lots of lovely gifts. (And of course I will never get a better present than our 2 children).

I can not ask for more....

Friday, May 15, 2009

I will never get tired of flax...

...especially not when it's in this wonderful colour.

I plan to make a tunic or a dress for me in it, and I want to add some of the ribbon. I don't know whether it is crocheted, but I think so.

I can easily see this ribbon at the neckline of a tunic...maybe it could give it a personal look, without being too much.

The whole lot was bought at a little shop which carries fabrics, yarn, shoes (!) and lots of other strange things.

Often I leave the shop emptyhanded, but sometimes I find little treasures like the ribbon. I have it in several colour my stash.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mother's Day present

At Mother's Day this Sunday my daughter Anne-Sophie told me, that her present for me was a ticket to the cinema. I was very touched by the fact, that she had decided on a present from only her.
Picture from Sony Pictures

Today was the day where I got to use it. Anne-Sophie, my niece Ida and I went to see Angels & Demons.

We all liked the movie, which had lots of interesting history in it and excitement too. (And 2 Danish actors!!) The 2 hours and 18 minutes were very well spent on this film.

If I were you I would not hestitate to go see it....

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Print, dots and pink

So now the summerdress - which I showed a little bit of recently - is done. I have had this fabric for a long time. I couldn't get myself to use it. But having the Rosamarie pattern in my hands, I knew that it was time to make the fabric into something.

At first I wanted the dress to be very simple and without any other colours or prints being added. I thought that the pink and white print was enough to make the dress look fine.

But when I started making the neckline, I had a sudden urge to add something wild to it. I really like what happens when different patterns are put together.

So the orange bias tape with dots was a perfect choice. I love pink and orange together!

The bias tape called out for more dots on orange, and I had to make 2 fabric covered buttons for the front of the neckline...

And that was it!

I really like the A-line shape which the dress has. I can see it as a dress, but also as a tunic with trousers under. I made a size 6 years - due to the shape I think that it will be wonderful for playing and running. Freedom to move is so important in a piece of clothes, if you ask matter whether it is a pair of trousers, a dress or a skirt.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Favourites in May

Favourites in May, originally uploaded by lille-ursus.

I haven't done this for a long time, but nevertheless I still like to do it.

I love to see the mosaics which other people make. They make me discover new things and ideas...

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

I'm getting old!

Today this beautiful girl turns 18 years. It's Andrea who is my dear friend Liselotte's daughter, and she too lives right across the road.

Andrea has always had a very special place in my heart and still has so.

When she was little, I worked in the kindergarten, which she attended, and I spent lots of hours with her. And Andrea and my daughter have been friends all their lives, and have come and gone at each other's houses through their entire childhood.

The fact that she has now become grown up according to society, makes me feel very old! She is a lovely young woman, but in my mind she is still the 7 year old girl who has a fantastic willpower, who sold flowers in front of our house with Anne-Sophie and who laughed every other minute.....(she still laughs a lot).

However, I can't change sweet little friends from getting older - time flies!

Have a happy birthday, Andrea - we wish you all the best. You definitely deserve it....

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Oh no!!

How could I forget to light the candles in the windows of our livingroom, on the evening of the 4th of May???? Emil and I even talked about it several times during the weekend.

Every year I do this to remember and honour the day when Denmark got liberated from the 2nd World War.

The candles in the windows are an old tradition, which started on that very evening in 1945 when the Danish people was told by radio, that the war was over. People started to tear down their blackout curtains, which had allowed no light to get out at night. Instead of the curtains they put candles in their windows to celebrate that the war had ended.

Hmmm......hopefully next year I will remember!

Sunday, May 03, 2009