Thursday, January 12, 2012

I always knew. . .

. . . that Anne-Sophie's 20th birthday would have a bit of a different touch to it. Well, first of all it's special because she turns 20, but also because of the fact that at the exact same age, I gave birth to Anne-Sophie.

It's strange to imagine that I were 20 years old - 20 years ago! So much has happened and somehow time has gone far too fast, and yet suitable slow.

I remember how happy we all were, when we saw that little girl for the first time. And we have felt the same way about her ever since . . . an unexplainable, never ending love, which contains so many feelings. (What a joy it is for us to feel this paramount kind of love twice).

Later we are going to visit Anne-Sophie in her new apartment, and celebrate her. We did start the day with a birthday song on her cellphone. And as we didn't catch her the first time we called, she now has the birthday song on her answering machine. . . maybe not a good thing at all. ;)

I must admit that it still feels a bit strange not to set up the breakfast birthday ritual with presents, birthday mats, the orchestra and candles. But it's a very heartwarming delight that Anne-Sophie's boyfriend Tim made his very own birthday ritual for her this morning - they are both so good at remembering and pleasing each other.

So, my dearest Anne-Sophie - if you see this, I send you a warm happy birthday and my very best birthday hugs.
Love mom,

Sunday, January 08, 2012

I had better get started...

...looking for gorgeous books in this new year we have in our hands.

And what could be better than a bit of crocheting? I didn't get all satisfied with myself and my crochet skills last year, but I took a few steps up the ladder. I intend to go even further this year - it's still a big dream of mine to make a granny blanket.

These 2 books are a suggestion on how to work on my skills and get new ideas. They are both French, but hopefully we can translate ourselves out of that problem..

Granny Folies à crocheter is written by Cécile Franconie and will become available on the 2nd of February.

Crochet Premières lecons is even closer to become published - it can be bought from the 19th of January. Véronique Chermette is the author .

Maybe the 2 frontpages have tempted you too?

Friday, January 06, 2012

Old patterns for a new year

Just before Christmas I were lucky to get some old knitting magazines from a very sweet woman. She had been cleaning up her cellar and came across them. What a treasures they were - and what a great thing that she thought of me instead of throwing them away!
There were lots and lots of wonderful patterns, all presented by little chubby babies.
And they have become modern again, the patterns that is. There were some which are to be knitted and some to crochet.

The magazines were published sometime in the late 70ties and I just love the fact, that I remember seing some clothes made by similar recipes in my own childhood. (Worn by babies, of course).

Starting off the new year with old inspiration is absolutely marvellous. It doesn't always have to be brand new ideas.

I hope that you all had a gorgeous holiday time with your loved ones.
I certainly did - it was busy but so nice...