Monday, May 18, 2009

Emma - now 11 years old

I'm happy that the weather has decided to be a bit better today, than it was on my birthday.....Because today is the 11th birthday of our lovely and sweet cousin Emma.

A sunny day is actually a very good picture of the kind of person Emma is. I have hardly ever seen her angry - she always smiles and is a very positive girl.

I don't think that you can find a person who doesn't like Emma....everyone likes her company and the fact that she is fair and good towards the people she meets.

Later on today we will go visit her and celebrate her birthday with her. I look forward to that and so does the rest of my family.



  1. it's now too late to wish the birthday girl a happy birthday :( but give her some XO from France !
    and what a blog !
    i've just found my way to your blog (i didn't know you had one, shame on me !) i'm going to have plenty to read and follow and the photos are such eye candy !

    *from Valerie on flickr*

  2. oops the message did show up in a mess
    what a blog is supposed to be just before "i'm going to have"...

  3. Thanks a lot for your fine and sweet words, Valerie :0) It's not easy to keep up with all the flickrs who have blogs. I can take me a while to descover them too ;0)


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