Saturday, August 30, 2008


Now you might think I'm crazy!!! But just have a look at these new christmas dolls from Maileg, and you might understand - Oh, how I love Maileg!! They will be available from this shop in September or October, and if you recieve their newsletter, you can already pre-order them today.... And what do you think about these cute winter/ christmas ornaments? I adore the skate....

Finally you have to see this too.....a sneak peak at the annual Noël figurines. You can see more in the next newsletter from Designerleg - so I'll patiently wait....

Ho-ho-ho for now!!!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Hello there, you knitted people!

After unraveling the cardigan, people are slowly appearing on my knitted cardigan. I must say that dark grey yarn is so much better than the green one.

Every round I knit makes me think of the charaters of the people. A rather funny element compared to the fact, that I have to count, count and count!! My eyes hardly ever leave the recipe in order not to knit any mistakes....

I have tried to knit the glasses in different colours, but I actually think that I might want to sew them on instead.

My knitting looks so uneven at the moment, but luckily that always tends to dissapear after a good wash and blogging.....

Thursday, August 28, 2008


When my mother had a stroke 6 years ago, I met a woman which was in the same hospital ward as my mother. That woman had had a fall with her bicycle. She hit her head and not being able to remember - or do - the most simple everyday doings, was just one of the consequeces of her fall. I don't know whether she wore a helmet, but I don't assume she did concidering the damage to her brain.

To wear a helmet when I bike, is not a thing which I can boast with! (My dear - and more courageous - sister already has one. Well done, Lotte!!)

I, however, have 100 excuses not to have one, whenever my children have asked why I don't have to wear one.....(It's too warm, it's too clumsy, it doesn't fit properly, it's not smart, it makes your hair fuzzy - you name it!)

But I must admit that lately I have actually considered to buy one - the point of wearing one is crystal clear:

And I do love my brain......

...and the helmets are not that bad looking anymore - they even come with dots, flowers and stars! The shape is rather smart as well - like a skater helmet.

Now all I have to do, is to get up my courage.....

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Kings in bathtubs

A colourful folder has been hanging on my notice-board for a while now. It keeps on catching my sight every time I pass it - the colours, the humour, the expression... I got it from the fabulous market at Skals Håndarbejdsskole, where the artist Hanne Marie Leth Andersen had a little shop. My friend Liselotte and I watched her work with admiration. Her bathtubs with mermaids or kings were simply georgeous. I hope she returns to the market next year, and I would love to go to her studio as well.

Some weeks after the market I saw an interview with Hanne Marie Leth Andersen on the local tv channel, by coincidence. It was interesting to hear about the thoughts she has done in relatition to her art. I know the program is in Danish, but never the less you can have a good look at her studio and more of her fantastic ceramics....

So, now you know why I keep the folder.....

Monday, August 18, 2008

"Georgeous crafting details"

I have such a soft heart for funny, new, inventious, weird details.....they give me a "wauw feeling" and are a great source of inspiration. That is why I have decided to start the new flickr group: "Georgeous Crafting Details". I'm so excited about all the people who have joined already, and I know that all their pictures will give me - and hopefully you too - new ideas and lots of smiles.

So, if you craft in any kind way, please have a look at the group and give the rest of us the pleasure of seing your work....

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Finally something from my sewing machine!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Green knitted people are no good

At the beginning of summer I was extremely excited about having started to knit a cardigan for myself. This was the pattern - by WONDERFUL Hanne thorsen - I adore her recipes so much. I picked lime green and a bright brown for the cardigan and got off rather well.

But according to the rest of my little family, it wasn't that easy to distinguish between the colours of the 2 yarns. And that would make it hard to see the people!

I guess they were right. I stopped knitting and now I have bought a dark grey yarn instead of the green. The fun and colour will be added to the cardigan in another way - I think I will embroider the eyes on the people in different colours...

So for a while - that is many weeks - there has been a little bit of unraveling to do! It is never as funny to start for the 2nd time!!

Soon I will start all over again....

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Future delight

You never know what your future may bring you - but when it comes to books you are able to have a little sneak peak ahead. I will definitely buy the new book from genius Nicky Epstein. I just adore the scarf on the frontpage...I would, however, choose some other colours for it. Greenish, I think !

2 new books with baby and toddlers' stuff are also on my wishlist. You never can get enough of that kind of recipes....

A new one in Danish will soon be available too...

Perhaps I could be "persuaded" to have this on my bookshelf as looks extremely inspirering eventhough it is a book for beginners in sewing.

But who cares about that as long as it contains wonderful ideas and beautiful sewing!

Monday, August 11, 2008

More marvellous Monday favourites

...and a little blank square!!!!

Otto - a yarn thief

Quite a few times Otto has tried to walk quietly - and in his eyes completely invisibly - into the livingroom, while heading towards my basket with some of my yarn....

Sometimes he succeed - like yesterday when he took this skein of wool. And ran as fast as he could into the utility room and jumped into his dog basket. Then tried to show an attitude which was so innocent. I could almost hear him say, "me? I have been laying here for a loooooooong time...."

He does however know, that it's not a good thing to steal my yarn...just see how guilty he looks!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Bubbles, pink and green :0)

Bubbles, pink and green :0), originally uploaded by lille-ursus.

More wonderful fabric...

Now I only need to regain my - at the moment lacking - urge to sew!!! I wonder why it has left me?

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

And what are they called??

During late spring and early summer, I have been searching for a very particular kind of seeds.
The 1st time I had them was last summer. I bought the seeds at a grocery store, and didn't pay any notice to their name...
When the seeds grew up, they showed the most georgeous little flowers - with red leaves and pink, round flowers.

I enjoyed those flowers SO much, and when I wanted to buy more seeds this year, I simply couldn't remember what they were called!!!

Luckily I kept the pot - and soil - in which I sowed the seeds last summer.....and suddenly they popped up all by themselves!

Never the less I would love to know what these little ones are called (because I want even more of them next year!!)

Does anyone know???

Monday, August 04, 2008

11 years old

Although it rained...and rained...and rained all day long, Emil was one happy birthday boy today. Not at all the kind of weather we had on the day he was born 11 years ago - that day it was 27 degrees Celcius outside....

Happy birthday, dear Emil!