Sunday, January 30, 2011

So soon!

As I said in another post, I knew that I would make the Latte Baby Sweater again sometime. But I didn't expect it to be so soon!

Now two new colours are ready for the stripes - a contrast for the edges is yet to be found. This time I will add a few stitches to the body and maybe a row of stripes or two.

And all this because of Agnes' sweet little face, who popped up in our mailbox yesterday. How can I not make her a striped sweater?

Friday, January 28, 2011

Latte Baby Sweater - part 2

The knitting of the baby sweater is done, and I'm left with the not so funny part of knitting. The ends must be weaved in!

I'm also going to crochet along the neckline, while including some buttonhole loops.

The buttons have not yet gotten their shape or colour, but at least I know that it's not going to be any of the colours I used for the yarn.

Sadly I think that Agnes is a bit too big for the sweater, but luckily we know several women who are expecting little baby girls. So I'm not worried about finding a recipient.

I know for sure that I will knit from this pattern fact I know a little newborn Karl who could use a little sweater with stripes.

It has been far too long ago...

Photos from Lange Keramik

...since I have visted this wonderful, wonderful shop.

Photos from Lange Keramik
 I can tell from looking at their website, that they have made so many gorgeous  new things. The lemon and applebowls would look great in my kitchen, and so would the little pink pig cup.

I'm so fond of the hen bowls which I have bought at Lange Keramik some years ago - they are a continuous source of joy in our house. How lovely it must be to be able to make peole smile and get happy whenever they see one's work.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Red, green or black?

Photo from Gudrun Sjödén

I definitely wouldn't mind having one of these beautiful knitted cardigans from Gudrun Sjödén. They are all so lovely in their own way and picking one out, wouldn't be easy.

If you see some of the other pieces of clothes from her spring collection, you will see how it all can be used together in shapes and colours. But that has always been a characteristic of her designs.

Photo from Gudrun Sjödén

I would love to get the tunic and a turquoise pair of shoes as well, and somehow I think that I will love the colour red this spring.

Photo from Gudrun Sjödén

It's actually funny because sometimes I don't like any of the clothes from her collections, but then she makes new and beautiful things which grab me by the heart right away!

Monday, January 24, 2011

I spy with my little eye...

My view from our computer, originally uploaded by lille-ursus.

...all of these little things, when I sit at the computer.

We have recently finished the noticeboard on the wall around our computer / desk.
Picking out the fabric wasn't easy - because we wanted something simple, but still it couldn't be boring.

We tried a paleblue linen, a lightgrey linen and something with lots of color. No good none of it. So white with dots it was.

Now I need to change the look of the table itself. At the moment it has a surface covered with this and that has actually been a fine solution for a while. But the oilcloth wasn't that durable. So we have decided to paint the table top in a lovely color, or cover it with beautiful paper similar to wall paper, and lacquer it afterwards.

To make it all a bit more personal and cozy I have hung some of our favourtie knick-knacks on the noticeboard. I especially love the tiny man playing a guitar. Emil made it as a selfportrait when he was little...

If any of you have a fabulous idea how to make a table top beautiful, then please let me know!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fuzzy Heartwarmer

Just wanted to share a pattern with you, which I bought last night.
Fuzzy Heartwarmer is designed by Anita Designs and I love everything about it - especially the name...

Saturday, January 22, 2011

2, 2 and 2

Just a bit of dreaming - from my point of view - of different lovely things.

2 fabulous pieces of fabric from Liberty, which I would love to add to my stash - soon.

"ELIZA'S OWLS" from Malika og Rosa

Of course the dreaming has to include 2 new books as well. These are about embroidery.

Embroidery With Ann Estelle & Friends. I found it on

Fun with Stitching: 35 Cute Sewing Projects to Turn Everyday Items into Works of Art. This book has not yet been released, but will be so on the 25th of February.

And finally 2 cards from one of my favourite card companies. It's French and is called Atomic Soda.

I already have this card with the rabbit...

...and this one with a bunch of gorgeous people and animals.
 (But one can never get enough of these beautiful cards).
I know from experince that I will save the cards a little while before using them.

Actually I dream of buying myself one of these stands from GO-CARDS, so I can have all of the cards I love in my very own exhibition.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Latte Baby Sweater

Baby Latte Sweater, originally uploaded by lille-ursus.

Ever since I saw that little baby sweater on Liselotte's blog Slagt en hellig ko, I knew that I simply had to make it some day.

I love stripes, I love baby sizes, I love raglan and I love cotton yarn so this pattern was simply perfect. It had all of those things.

A while ago I bought some ecological cotton yarn in green and pink pastels. My intention was to use the 2 skeins on the Latte Baby Sweater. The colours would be great for a spring sweater.

It's a fine pattern, easy to understand and I like the fact that the sleeves are a bit wider than in other baby sweaters. The buttons in front are great as well, and sure makes it a lot easier to dress a little baby.

It will not take that long for me to finish this - I hope - because I always feel the need to knit one more stripe...and yet another. But that is only good if our little niece Agnes is supposed to fit into the sweater. She grows with such speed!

If you feel like making the sweet sweater you can find it here on Liselotte's blog and here on ravelry. I hope that you will enjoy making it as much as I do....

Saturday, January 15, 2011

3 Spoonflower favourites

I could look at all the many fabulous fabrics on Spoonflower for hours and hours. There are so many possibilities when you design a piece of fabric. Just have a look at this...and this.

I'm no good at the design part, but I would sure love to create something from the fabrics, which have been designed by talented people from all over the world.

For now there are 3 fabrics I would love to buy loads and loads of:

Houses by Stefohnee

Kokeshi dolls by Joybucket

3 red tulip apron by Vina
Maybe they could be the thing which kickstarted my sewing mojo again. I haven't done any sewing since this - and that's 2 months ago!

I could very easily be persuaded to make our little niece Agnes one of the tulip aprons. A reversible one...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


For the first time in 19 years on this particular date, we didn't sneak up our stairs in our nightwears and with our hands full of birthday flags, into Anne-Sophie's room. We didn't sing the birthday song while she was waking up in bed - instead she heard our morning husky voices singing for her in her cell phone.

But this year she will have a wonderful birthday morning with her sweet boyfriend Tim...I know that he has made so many heartwarming preparations for this day. And knowing that really touches both Christian and I. We cherish it so much that she has found such a caring and loving boyfriend like him, who knows exactly what makes her happy and who knows all the little things in everyday life which makes her feel treasured .

Later we will go to Anne-Sophie's and Tim's appartment for tea and birthday layer cake, and when it's time to have supper we will go to a Chinese restaurant. Anne-Sophie loves Chinese food (and so does Emil ).

So I'm getting ready to celebrate her. The presents - and LOTS of hugs - are waiting to be given away and now I only need to write the birthday card.
A very important thing...both Emil and Anne-Sophie place great emphasis on those cards. I know that they have all their birthday cards hidden in drawers and boxes, so it's with great pleasure that I write them.

Now the sun is shining beautifully on this snowy day - a very happy birthday to you my sweet, precious Anne-Sophie.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Green and orange

Today I saw a woman with the most gorgeous green nailpolish - it made me smile.
I wouldn't mind getting that shiny green on my toe nails this summer.

And you know what? Orange would go fine as well...

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Rediscovering Phildar

Photo from Phildar's website

Ever since my bigsister expected her 1st child, Ida, I have been a great fan of Phildar knitting patterns...especially the ones they design for babies and children.

For a number of years I haven't really thought about their magazines, but being on ravelry has opened my eyes to their amazing designs once more.

Photo from Phildar's website

And the other day Claudia mentioned a particular number of their magazines, and that made me look at all the new patterns on Phildar's website. The things are as beautiful as always. Stylish, simple and exclusively looking.

Photo from Phildar's website
The patterns you sere here are all in French. There is an English Phildar website as well with English patterns, but that is mostly for grownups.

Photo from Phildar's website

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

No more cold ears...

Stella is done. Anne-Sophie is extremely pleased with the way it turned out, and she wore it yesterday to the funeral.

I like it too and I wish that I could show you a photo of it, while Anne-Sophie has it on. It suits her fine.

So maybe this isn't the only time I get to knit Stella - other colour combinations would be great for her to have as well. And I wouldn't mind knitting it again. It was fun and rather fast to knit...

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Hellos and goodbye

As we are saying hello to 2011, we also need to say a very sad goodbye. In the days after Christmas Christian lost his father and Emil and Anne-Sophie their grandfather.

Eventhough he had been very ill for a long time, it's still hard that it was now he had to die. So I try my best to be here for my little family...and make life as easy as possible these days. We talk a great deal about Christian's father and look back in time - remembering different moments with him.

Luckily we look forward to picking up Anne-Sophie in the airport on Monday, and I know that she will need lots of hugs from the 3 of us.

I hope that all of you had a lovely new year's eve and I wish you the very best in 2011 - happy days and love in copious amounts...