Thursday, November 29, 2007

More birds

I miss the birds' singing these days. It means a whole lot to me to hear them early in the morning - I love it and it makes such a beautiful start of the day...

But when I can't HEAR birds then I need to SEE birds! Actually I collect wooden birds - like the ones in the picture. Brought home from Sweden from skiing trips and lovely summer holidays in one of my favourite countries. And what about blue birds - aren't they adorable? With their nice hats and dresses. They belong to this talented artist, Marmeecraft. I LOVE her drawings and wonderful expression..... Real living birds are sadly not an issue in our garden. Our cats have made that quite clear...I do however love to gaze at tiny birds eating seeds, while tilting their little fluffy heads or flapping their wings. To be able to do that again I think I need to get a new bird table. One of those that stick to the window glass in heights where cats can't go!!

Friday, November 23, 2007

A swap

The fabric with the tiny flowers was the reason why I am going to make my first "swap". All of you, who has been blogging for a long time, have probably tried it before - but to me it is a whole new world.....

It is a nice girl from Uruguay who asked me to make a swap. She really liked the flower fabric. At first I had to think whether I wanted to or not. But having seen the fabulous stuff that some of you have swapped, I decided to give it a go!

Pale pink, pale blue and lime green are the colours we have to find for each other. The swap can be buttons, beads, trims, candy and that kind of stuff - and of course fabric. The question I didn't know was: how MUCH fabric do I send of to Urguay? Luckily this wonderful girl knew, because she has swapped a lot of times. I am figuring out what to send. I think it could become very interesting to find the things for Natalia - I only hope it doesn't cost a fortune to send the package in the mail. (Well, who am i kidding? It is all the way to Uruguay....!!!!)

But never the less, I am looking forward to receiving a package from Uruguay. What is in it, I will tell you all about later on..

Too bad that the guys at the picture doesn't come in pale blue, pale pink or limegreen!!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

White and red

I have found several things in the colours red and white. They are synonymous with this time of year - at least they are to me... Christmas has many other shades these days! I embroidered this paper aeroplane the other day on a little white linen shirt that I made. It is hard to see it, but the plane is on its way into the pocket.... Or what about these WONDERFUL felt slippers with tiny red dots. I saw these in this Swedish shop . They have the exact same shape as a pair my daugther felted for herself. Perhaps I could make her felt a pair for me? I love dots.....

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

An angel from my nephew

My children are soon going to have a week at school where they turn the entire place into a christmas-village with shops that sell handmade christmas things . This made me think of the wonderful handmade angel at the picture. My nephew, Andreas, made it for me and it is one of my absolute favorite christmas ornaments. He had made one for my sister and I told him that I really liked it. Next time I saw him, he gave me this angel, which he made especially for me - my sensitive auntieheart brouhgt tears to my eyes (again!!)

I have had it for several years now, and every christmas I decide to make one myself. I haven't done so yet and I actually don't think that I can make one with the same beauty and expression as Andres did....

Monday, November 12, 2007

A friend

There she was in front of my house on a sunny day. Ready to attend a wedding in the dress I made for her. Not that she was getting married herself - she was already spoken for...

The green fabric she chose for the dress, almost match the colour of her eyes. So special and beatiful with green eyes, but I assume that very special persons need special eyes to be able to look at people the way she does! My dear friend...

I can always find her - just run across the street. She is there every time I need it; whether it is her sugar, pieces of advise or friendly hug!!

She embraces small people at school and big people all over with her wonderful personality.

She is not supposed to move(!) - nor leave on holiday for more than a week...All though I want the best to happen to her and her family!

I feel lucky to know her - and since it is the time of year where wishes come true, I want to make one of my own:

I wish for everyone to have a friend and neighbour as Lise Lotte....

Friday, November 09, 2007


Unfortunately this angel was already sold. Too bad, because I really liked it!
It is made by the artist Nanna Ask - she makes some wonderful paintings. We have one of them at home and every day I enjoy looking at it. She expresses herself by mixed media and this way of working is very exciting in my opion.
She usually makes more angels for her Christmas sale - so I hope to get one then....
Another lovely angel that I would like to have, is this one made by the ceramic Nelly Gaskin (I have already mentioned her before, but she is so great!)
And the fact that there is a bird standing by the angel, doesn't make things worse....I have a thing about funny birds!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

New calendar !!

Well, well, well - look what is here!! The new calendar 2008 from " Skals Haandarbejdsskole ."

Yesterday we went to the hospital to get my son vaccinated ( he has asthma and allergy) and in the hall there was an exihibition of embroidered hearts. They were made by different women who all somehow have a connection to "Skals Haandarbejdsskole." All the hearts were white and, as always when the school makes an exhibition, shown in a beautiful, simpel and very sophisticated way.

There are many lovely pictures in the calendar and patterns for a number of different things. My daughter wants to make the bandeau of buttons and I must make the knitted slippers.

So if you happen to be near "Viborg Sygehus" I think you should go see the exhibition - and buy the calendar.....

Monday, November 05, 2007

Chasing a rabbit....

At lunch time I was quitely doing the dishes. Every-thing was calm and I was humming a tune from the radio. I looked out of our kitchen window and saw the things I used to see. The shed, the pile of sand, the big pots of herbs....
A few minutes later an animal ran by - "maybe it is our cat" I said to myself. All of a sudden the animal began to jump ahead - not a thing a cat usually does - and what about the little, white, fluffy tail? Which cat was that? "Oh, it is a very fat hare" I sensibly concluded .
THEN I CAME TO MY SENSES: "Svupper" (our rabbit!) I shouted even though it couldn't hear me and no one else but me was at home...
I feverishly grabbed four carrots - as if that would do any good for a rabbit on the run - and rapidly put on the first pair of shoes in sight. I ran into our garden while I called out for our rabbit. Taught by bitter experience I put on a pair of my husbands red
working gloves (a rabbit can be SO wild whilst on the run!!!) Now our cat wanted to see what was going on: a cat + a rabbit = bad combination. I luckily got a hold of Svupper and meanwhile I tried to push the cat away to avoid stepping on it.
Walking was not fast enough beause Svupper - the whippersnapper - realized that the escape was over: he was furious and I counted myself lucky that I had put on the ugly working gloves.
Running was the only solution if I wanted to get him safely to the rabbit hutch - so there I was; running across our lawn with a wild rabbit in my hands, while I was yelling "steady Svupper, steady Svupper". (I hope that none of our neighbours heard me, but beliving that will be kidding myself!!)
I reached the rabbit hutch and Svupper was safe and sound, all though his tiny heart was pounding so hard (and mine too!!)
Just another, ordinary day at home.......

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Homemade OK....

This lovely fabric is chosen by my daughter Anne-Sophie. I'm going to make a tunic for her one of these days....I think it is quite nice to sew and knit things for my children. Even though they both have had periods in their lives, where they ABSOLUTELY NOT wanted to wear something homemade.....
Luckily they are in a "homemade OK" period right now!
I finished making a sweater and a hat for our little neighbour boy Oskar, and got a sweet hug from him. The best thing about sewing clothes for children is when I feel that they get happy and satisfied.
Actually our other little neighbour girl, Maria, came to visit me today and brought me a wonderful jar of jam that she made herself. With a beautiful picture of her - in a dress I made - on the jaw. So cute!
Well, I'm of to see the exciting Danish serial "Forbrydelsen". I wonder who did it??

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Too tired...

November it is.....The 11th month of 2007.

I fell like it is a different time of the year due to the warm weather.

On exactly this date a few years ago, I remember that we had a lot of snow. The chance for snow is there, but look what I found in our garden which absolutely proves otherwise:


I have started to cut and sew a couple of christmasdresses. One of them in red and paleblue fabrics.

But I am quite lazy when it comes to sewing today, so I guess I will continue tomorrow instead...

I did, however, wind up some beautiful yarn that I received in the mail.