Sunday, December 30, 2012

I dream of stary shoulders

Ever since I saw this fantastic cardigan, I have dreamt of making it. I like how the stars give the design a cool touch, and I must say that we could all need to live under lucky stars in my family these days.

Klik på billedet, for at lukke vinduet

The design is by Ann Højgaard Sloth and you can make cardigans for both children and grown ups. Somehow I do think that the stars look better proportioned on the children's size. Or perhaps I'm just influenced by the lovely purple colour along with all the grey, more than by the blue one.

Klik på billedet, for at lukke vinduet

Did I mention that it can be bought here as a kit?
For the time being I had better work on my existing projects, but dreaming is always nice...

 & & & & & & 

Lige siden jeg så denne fantastiske cardigan, har jeg drømt om at lave den. Jeg kan godt lide hvordan stjernerne giver designet et cool touch, og jeg må nok sige at alle i min familie kunne have brug for at leve under lykkebringende stjerner i øjeblikket.

Den er designet af Ann Højgaard Sloth og du kan lave cardigans til både børn og voksne. Men på en eller anden måde synes jeg, at stjernerne ser bedre proportioneret ud på børnestørrelsen. Eller også er jeg bare påvirket af den smukke lilla sammen med alt det grå, fremfor det blå.

Sagde jeg at den kan købes som et kit her?
For nu må jeg hellere arbejde videre på mine eksisterende projekter, men man har jo lov at drømme...

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Miss Marple has left my house

Knitting has not been one of my main priorities lately, but I managed to finish the Miss Marple cardigan in time for Christmas. It was a gift for Sarah - our niece.

I'm pleased with the result, but did think that it was too small for a while. A wash and a blogging solved the problem, and now I'm sure that Sarah can wear it.

I found some beautiful wooden buttons for the cardigan. They almost look as if they have been covered with fabric which looks like wood! I didn't want to make all the buttonholes as the recipe said. I like it when a cardigan is open at the buttom.

I definitely need a Lady Marple for myself...or 2 perhaps. In several colours to choose from.

Monday, December 24, 2012

A merry Christmas

I haven't been around much lately, December turned out to be a completely different month than we expected it to be.

Due to serious disease and the sadness which came along with that, none of us have had the energy and Christmas spirit we usually have at this time of year. However, we have decided to make Christmas - and every day ahead - happy and most of all even more full of love.

Hopefully I can become a more frequent guest here on my blog in the new year.

I wish each one of you a very merry Christmas and a wonderful time with the ones you love...