Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Oohhh! New combinations

I'm so thrilled about this new colour mix for Christel Seyfarth's Masai shawl. The vivid red colours are so lovely amongst the gentle shades of rose. And with my favouorite green in the middle of the flowers, it couldn't be any better. I definitely prefere this colour palette.
Photo from Christel

Christel Seyfarth has also made a new version of the beautiful Starsweater, which I by the way still have on my wishlist.
Eventhough it has been given a new and wonderful look, I will still write down the kit for the old Starsweater on my little hidden wishlist* - it must be my neverending love for pastel colours which comes into play in this matter.

*(I always keep a little piece of paper in my noticeboard, so I can add the things I would love to have all through the year. Otherwise I'm really lousy at remembering wishes when Christmas and my birthday come up!! I do keep it hidden behind all the other stuff on the noticeboard).

Photo from Christel

Actually, I will  recommend you to go have a look at Christel Seyfarth's website - it has also been renewed.


  1. Well, you've done it again...another beautiful site bookmarked on my browser. You have become my go-to girl for lovely and inspirational knitting links. I love your style and color sense and am becoming increasingly convinced that I must/need to get myself to see your part of the world soon.

  2. What a wonderful and sweet comment, Alison - that definitely made my day! Thank you so much. :)) I'm truely happy that we share the same taste in knitting links and that you get some inspiration from my little blog. :)

    Christel Seyfarth is one of the Danish knit designers, whom I admire a great deal. Her designs are always so colourful and happy, and she manages to take things to the limit, without going too far.

    I think that you should visit Denmark sometime - I love my little country and I think that you would enjoy it as well. So much design going on here in all kinds of materials, and lots of beautiful nature. Do let me know if you ever come over here. :))

  3. Really beautiful shawl! I love it. I had to go look at the website....wish I was good at intarsia knitting and had a lot more patience than I do!

  4. Oh Ulla, det er jo totalt yndlingsfarverne samlet i eet smukt sjal...kan man forlange mere!? Fluks tilføjeet ønskeseddel....ærgeligt at der er så lang tid til jeg skal ha' gaver igen:-) (Men det har jo aldrig været forbudt med lidt selvforkælelse..)


  5. I just adore it so much as well, Di. If I don't get the kit for my birthday then I have to buy it myself. ;))

    How nice that you went to see Christel Seyfarth's site. :)) Doesn't she have many lovely things? I have a cardigan which I bought from her. It was already knitted by her. I love that cardigan - and so does my daughter. ;))

    It's not that hard to knit her things, because most of the time you only knit with 2 colours. You should have a go at it. :)


    Hvor dejligt, Helle når man finder noget der helt og aldeles opfylder ens ønsker. Sådan et kit må du også have anskaffet dig. :)) Jeg satser på at få mit, når jeg snart fylder 40...hmmm! ;))

    Og selvforkælelse bliver der bestemt tale om hvis ikke jeg er så heldig at få det i fødselsdagsgave. :)) Jeg tror aldrig jeg ville blive træt af det sjal..

  6. Those colors are lovely! And speaking of your wishlist, do you use Pinterest online? It's sort of a visual inspiration board that you create with sites you bookmark. You can sign up for free and it's very fun (and inspiring!). I spend far too much time there :-)


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