Sunday, March 13, 2011

Creative clutter

Somehow I always end up making creative clutter. Especially with floss, books, yarn, needles and patterns.

I need to have them close by, in case I get a thought about someting to make. Otherwise I forget about them. Don't you know the feeling of seing a beautiful mix of colours or a texture in a knitted sweater, which you wan't to try out in the future?

So I always have a notebook with me as well.  It's filled with drawings and little notes which only I know the meaning of - and small torn out pieces of magazines and papers.

No one but me likes my creative clutter. Even though I confine myself to a very limited area, I get the occasional "do you know where your needles are" comment from my husband.
Then I know that it's time to gather - some of - my stuff and take it upstairs to our hobby room.
But after a day or two, I have created a new little pile of creative clutter...I'm hopeless!


  1. kreativitet trives bedst i rod! Det er ihvertfald min undskyldning. Bedre at ha system i rodet end rod i systemet er en aneden. Jeg omgiver mig også med kreative bunker!!!

  2. Lol, creative clutter is the best clutter ever, I sooooo know what you mean though, Nic ♥

  3. Ja, det er bestemt et godt argument, Hanne. :)) Jeg tror at vi er mange der har vores små bunker rundt omkring.
    Min mand er generelt meget overbærende, men de gange jeg er kommet til at sætte nåle i sofaens armlæn, har jeg ikke været for populær. ;))


    I totally agree, Nic. :)) Somehow it gives such a good picture of which creative things that are in my head at the moment. ;)

    Creative clutter will always be something I make. I do try to put things in fine boxes and baskets but somehow I tend to have more things outside them, than inside them. ;))

  4. uuuhh... that could be me. Although I would not call in a clutter- I have a real mess! And if I manage to order everything nicely- it is back to a mess after a few days. I always think, that if I would have more space it would be better- but I guess the mess would just be bigger...
    But then... mess can also lead to new inspiration:o)

  5. It most certainly can give inspiration, rahel. :))

    I know what you mean with the space thing - my hobbyroom also get a bit messy sometimes eventhough I have half a room. ;))

    But as long as we tidy up in our piles once in a while, then hooray for creative clutter. :))

  6. thats funny! i just said to my boyfriend that i will need a spot in the new house where i can be creativly messy. i will do it anyway but he doesn't like it so now i am looking for a spot where he wont mind if yarns, pieces of cloth, needles, ufos and stuff is laying around =)


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