Thursday, March 03, 2011

Which one shall I pick this time??

Whenever I sew and knit some clothes for myself, for my family or for gifts I always sew on a little woven label with the name ursus on it.

It started many years ago when I had the thought, that it would be funny to get the ursus name put on a woven label (ursus means bear in latin, and my name Ulla means the little she bear, so hence the name of my blog lille-ursus, which is a mix of Latin and Danish. Lille-ursus means little bear). Did that make sence?

Back then I ordered a lot of labels with this look, but now I'm soon out of labels and it's time to order some new ones.


And this time I would like to use new colours. I have spent a lot of time on mixing colours and fonts to the very right label, but I'm still not sure which one I prefere. (And I have to keep in mand that the label must look good on both girls and boys).
I do already have a few favourites, though.

But with all you clever people out there, I wouldn't mind getting your opinion on the issue.

Which new label do you like - or do you like the old one better?









  1. Oh - great colours. I think I like 6 and 8 best.

  2. mmmmmhhh I like Nr.4 and Nr.8 ........... but the other ones are also sweet. I guess you will find the right one;)
    xxx *Marie*

  3. I like 2 and 6, but I never met a grey or beige I didn't like. Maybe pick a label that would pop a bit against the colors you sew most often? I am thinking of red labels for myself for that reason -- I mostly like to sew neutrals.

  4. Helt sikkert nr 8, hvis altså jeg skulle vælge, men de fleste er fede kombinationer !

  5. I sometimes think that it would be nice to have such labels too. I like your old one but also number 7- the brown one with the white name. I guess it depends a bit on the colours you use for the sewing.

  6. Well to compliment the URSUS I think 5 or 6 but then that's my choice - but you'll find the right one!

  7. Jeg kan ret godt lide det du allerede bruger (er vild med de to farver sammen), men hvis jeg skal vælge mellem de andre, så siger jeg nr. 4 og 5 (som jeg også tænker passer godt til den stil du har)

  8. Åhhh, det er jo svært. Jeg forstår godt, at du har svært ved at vælge, men jeg nu mest til nr.7 :Det brune bånd med den hvide tekst.

  9. 3 and 4 are my favorites -- well, those and the original!

  10. I like 1,3 and 6.
    As said Sarvi I think it's a good idea that the label pops a bit.
    Is it possible to order two colorways of label and then choose wich one to use depending on your sewed item?
    Exemple: number 1 (blue background/red ursus)
    and the other one reversed one (red background/blue ursus)?

  11. 2 and 6 look great. They are very classy and discrete without running the risk not to be seen.
    Let us know what you have chosen.

  12. Dear everyone,

    thank you so much for taking the time to tell my your opinion. It has been a great help to read your comments. :))

    6 was the top favourite since most people chose that colour mix. I like 6 and I like 3...actually I like all of them!

    I will let you know which one I decide to get. :))


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