Friday, March 11, 2011

I'm still no good at crocheting -

. . . but that will not keep me from buying crochet books. (I know that I will improve my crocheting skills. . . it's just a matter of time).
And when the books look as promising and interesting as these, then it becomes even harder not to get new and lovely inspiration.

Photo from På Krogen

By accident - and what a happy one - while surfing on ravelry, I came across these brand new books by the Danish girl Sidsel Sangild. They are called Blødt Til Baby (soft for baby) and Hæklede Gaver (crocheted gifts).

They are soon to be sold from a number of Danish yarnshops. For example from Rasmilla's shop. But you can already pre-order the books from Sidsel's blog.
They each cost about 100 Danish kroners.

Photo from På Krogen
If you would like to have a closer look at the 2 books, then go have a peep here and here.


  1. as a teenager, my mom tried to teach me how to crochet, but gave up. with me being a left hand, she said it was hopeless. today i can crochet little easy things and i even learned how to make the bobble stitch ! do not forget about this saying " practice makes perfect ". i know your crochet skills will become as good as your knitting.
    happy week end to you and family xx

  2. De ser meget indbydende ud, de 2 bøger. Jeg kan slet ikke hækle efter opskrift eller noget..Men når du kan- hvilket jeg ikke er i tvivl om du kan, så må du da gerne holde et kursus :-)

  3. I actually just heard, that most lefthanded people are good at using both their left or their right hand. ;)

    I recognise the mom-trying-to- teach-daughter-how-to-crochet-situation, Monique. It didn't turn out well for me either. ;) But your are lucky that you know how to do some crocheting and how great that you know how to make bobble stitches. They look SO good in crocheted stuff.

    I hope that I will get that far some day.

    Have a lovely weekend as well. :))


    Ja, ikke, Miri? Og de ekstra billeder man kan se fra bøgerne på bloggen, er mindst lige så indbydende. :))

    Hvis jeg skal have bare den fjerneste chance for at hækle efter opskrift, så skal det stå som skrift - ikke diagram.
    Men det er jo min drøm at blive god til at hækle - engang! ;))
    Så siger jeg til. ;))

    Rigtig god weekend.


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