Saturday, March 26, 2011

Anne-Sophie's old invitation

Anne-Sophie's invitation, originally uploaded by lille-ursus.

While looking for a certain type of paper in my drawers for Emil's invitations, I found some of the elements we used for Anne-Sophie's invitations 5 years ago.

The photo and the the dotty cardboard were the outside and the red paper with the white flowers was the inside of the invitation.

We wrote the text on a special kind of paper, which was a bit transparent, so one could see the red paper underneath it. And we attached it inside the invitation.

I remember that it took a whole lot of time to make them, but Anne-Sophie was very happy about the result, so it was worth the effort.

Now we only need to finish Emil's...(can you feel that I'm kind of beating around the bush with that one?)


  1. What a sweeet invitation! The photo of Anne-Sopie is cute and yes I can imagine your thoughts with Emils. For sure you'll find the perfect one for him to make.

    Have a great sunday! XX

  2. Thanks a lot, Nina. :)) It's one of our favourite photos of her eventhough she looks a bit perplexed.

    Since I wrote the post Emil has made some of the skater photos we took of him the other day, ready to use on his invitation. It's so important to me that it reflects him and his personality. So no dots for him. ;))

    A lovely Sunday to you too, sweet Nina. :))

  3. Isn't it great to have girly girls and boyish boys? So much of a variety...



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