Thursday, March 17, 2011

Norwegian friends

While sitting here at the computer, looking at the flowers I bought a while ago from Spagat's etsy shop, I can't help thinking about the kindness my daughter recently met on her trip to Norway.

Back when Anne-Sophie had started in 1.G. in upper secondary school, we had the pleasure of having Fredrik staying in our house for about a week.

Fredrik is a Norwegian exchange student. He is part of the class which was on a week long exchange stay here in Denmark.
Anne-Sophie and her fellow students went to Norway several weeks later, and there she stayed in Fredrik's home.

I can't tell you how happy we were about the fact, that Anne-Sophie lived in this particular family during her stay in Norway.
First of all Fredrik is such a sweet, polite and funny young man. And his family possess the same human qualities.

Fredrik's mother is very interested in crafting and when Anne-Sophie arrived in Fredrik's home, she got the most wonderful pair of knitted and felted slippers. It was Ann Helen, Fredrik's mum who had made them especially for her, and Ann Helen even embroidered Anne-Sophie's name on them.

I must admit that I did cry a bit when Anne-Sophie told me this. It was such a heartwarming and  lovely way to welcome Anne-Sophie.

This summer both Anne-Sophie and Fredrik will be students. And during the period of time since their first visits, we have had Fredrik visit us, and last weekend Anne-Sophie went to Norway to visit her Norwegian friend. Once more she was treated with such kindness and warmth. And Fredrik and his family did so many other things to make Anne-Sophie feel at home and happy.

A friendship is definitely built and I hope that both Fredrik and Anne-Sophie will continue to keep the contact between them.
Isn't wonderful when people you haven't seen before, welcome your child with open arms and such  warm hearts? The whole experience has really left a lasting impression on me and my family.
I hope that we can welcome people in our home in the same sweet and respectful way...


  1. that is such a nice story! i am sure he felt as welcomed in your home as anne-sophie did in his.

  2. Jeg bliver rørt.
    Hvor er det fint.

  3. Thanks a lot, Cat - that's really sweet of you. :))
    It has been such a pleasure to get to know Fredrik. He's a true friend to Anne-Sophie and the two of them laugh a lot. :))

    I try my best to welcome people in our home, but it's hard to say how it fells to the ones who come here!


    Det blev jeg simpelthen også da Anne-Sophie fortalte mig om hjemmeskoene, Miri. Og om den måde hvorpå hun var blev modtaget. Selv min mand blev rørt.
    Jeg har mailet med Fredriks mor, og hun virker til at være sådan en sød og kreativ kvinde.

    Tænk at man er så heldig at møde en familie som deres på sin vej. Man bliver så glad når nogen gør deres allerbedste for at glæde og passe på ens børn:))

  4. Bliver helt varm om (moder)hjertet af din søde historie - hurra for gæstfriheden og skønne mennesker i hele verden ;)
    Kan kun drømme om at min lille familie må blive ligeså beriget fortsat i fremtiden..
    Nyd weekenden!

  5. Beautiful story, it's so much nicer to give than to take.

  6. Jeg blev også bare utrolig blød om hjertet, Rikke. Sådan en dejlig familie. Det kunne være hyggeligt at møde dem engang.

    Jeg håber også at vi kan blive med at møde gæstfrihed og omsorg mange gange endnu. Det er altså helt vidunderligt når den slags mennesker krydser ens vej.

    Og så må vi jo bare handle på samme vis mod de mennesker vi møder. :))


    I totally agree, busygnome. :)) My mother has always told me treat people in the same way, as I want to be treated by them. And that's a fine thought to keep in mind when one meets new people. :))


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