Sunday, March 06, 2011

Has anyone seen one of these lately??

My old handlebar basket has seen better days, and the other day I had to throw it in the bin. Of course I need a new one, and I have found the one which will match my bike perfectly. Simple and yet with a tiny splash of colours.

It's the little beauty- above - from rice, but sadly I think that it was from their former collection in 2009.

SO if anyone has seen it out there in the shops or online, then I would be more than pleased if you would drop me a line. Thanks...


  1. this isn't much help, perhaps, but take a look at this beautiful bicycle basket (cestino)!
    good luck with your search...

  2. Thank you so much for the link and for your kindness, Pamela. :))
    It's a fabulous idea to knit around an ordinary handlebar basket. It definitely looks a whole lot better and gives the basket some personality.
    Thanks a lot. :))

  3. Dear Ulla,

    I have seen your need for a new basket and I found this recently... maybe there is one for your taste? Although you have so much creativity and taste in you that you could make a not so pretty basket very very pretty immediately.

    Take care sweet Ulla, our little boy has turned THREE this week - time flies and he is no Baby anymore - sigh.

    XX Nina

  4. Nu er jeg ikke verdens bedste til engelsk, så jeg skriver altså på dansk. Jeg har en mage ved stående bare i grønne farver. Købte den ved Rice, mon de ikke stadig laver den???


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