Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Dear Sylvia is on her way!

I have always loved the work of artist and illustrator Kate Wilson. Ever since I started going on flickr, her work has been a joy to follow. She makes me smile ever so much with her art, and at the same time her talent is an object of my huge admiration.
The way she portraits everyday things is so good, and her use of colours keep amazing me time after time.

But most of all I love Kate Wilson's birdies. Birdies with a huge love to fashion, shoes, delicious food and candy. How can that ever be a good combination you might ask yourself? This should convince you...and do remember to click next to see all the rest of the 22 chic birdies.

And now I thought that it was time for little fancy Sylvia to come to my house.

I have looked at her and her little tea bag bag so many times - I know that the look of her hanging on my wall, will make me happy every single time I pass by her...that sweet Sylvia.

I have decided that I would like to have many more of Sylvia's friends framed and hanging on my wall in the future. And finding new and precious ones, will not be a problem at all.


  1. oh, I always loved her simple and stylish and feminine!!! Love love love!!!

  2. These birds are indeed lovely!
    And Sylvia made me smile too.
    Have a wonderful day.

  3. I totally agree with you, Claudia! Those birdies are so simply fantastic.
    I have already picked out the frame and the spot where to hang it. :))

    Have a lovely day and take care. :))


    They really are - I adore them.
    The texts which often come along with the birdies, are so cool and funny, rahel. :)) Kate Wilson has made my day many times when some of her new birdies pop up.

    And a wonderful day to you too. :))

  4. she is so beautiful, I've never seen her work before but little doodles is now in my favourites

    Kate x

  5. I'm happy that you like her art, Kate. Her work really deserves all the attention it can get. :))

    She has so many gorgeous characters in her pictures - but the birdies will always be my favourite ones. ;))

    Ula x

  6. This is fun - I mean who can live without a lipstick (at least in the bag when there's no time for the lips)?


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