Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Happy mail

There is happy mail and there is not so happy and annoying mail. Luckily 2 happy - and  funny - things came to me in the mail today.
The LOVELY dotty fabric that I already mentioned here. It's even more beautiful and cheerful in real life, and my head is full of ideas for what to make of it.

One thing could be this sweet cape from the book I ordered a while ago. I have been waiting for it and today it came.
I really recommend this book for it's beautiful and well designed patterns, and reading it is an aesthetic pleasure.

I  can easily see this little cape being worn by a girl with a warm knitted sweater underneath it on a sunny spring day - like today. It's so nostalgic this pretty piece of clothing. The cape would be great with the dotty fabric on the backside.

Under me you see the new embroidery I'm working on. Little Redcap is done and this fine Princess on a pea pattern has been waiting in my maps, for me to begin sewing it.


  1. Åh den ser god ud den bog. Smuk smuk poncho.

  2. Det er den altså også bare, Line. Med utrolig mange fine ting der vil glæde specielt børn men også forældre. Og så er den skrevet og illustreret på den vanlige smukke og grundige måde som alle mønstre fra oliver + s altid er. :))

  3. Smukt:-)
    Og jeg er fuld af beundring over dit broderi.

  4. Tusind tak, Miri. :)) Jeg elsker altså godt nok at brodere - så pyt med at det går så langsomt nu. Det bringer glæde alligevel. :))

    Hav en dejlig onsdag. :))


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