Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pockets with Petting Zoo Party Girls

I'm making a dress for Sarah. I cut out the parts for the dress some days ago, but the pockets were cut yesterday.

It took me some time to figure out which fabrics I wanted to use. Finally I decided on some Gingham  and a couple of other ones.
It was important to me that any prints on the fabrics were small. Otherwise it could easily be too notable and overwhealming.
The pockets in the photos are not the total amount, there are 3 more. 5 are going to be sewn in front of the dress and the rest on the back.

I had an idea about embroidering Cathy's sweet Petting Zoo Party embroidery on 3 of the pockets. I'm really exited to see how it turns out in the end, but so far I'm satisfied with it.
I can't remember whether I told you before, but the 3 girls in the embroidery pattern are actually drawings of Cathy's own daughters. It's such a sweet and fine idea.

Now I only have 1 problem - I don't have an embroidery hoop which is small enough to hold any of the pockets.


  1. Jeg tror måske at Dorthe fra Garn-iture sælger små broderi-rammer. Det synes jeg at kunne huske at hun har fortalt mig;-)
    Det ser ellers rigtig fint ud og man kan da også brodere uden rammer, det har jeg selv gjort i mange år.

  2. Det kan være at jeg skal undersøge sagen med de små broderirammer, Marie-Louise. Eller måske skal jeg bare lade være med at være så forvænt. ;))
    Jeg broderede også uden rammer i mange år, men jeg elsker bare det stramme stof en ramme giver, og at den gør arbejdet så overskueligt og dejligt. :))

    Nå, nu er det vist tid til et lille søndagsgys. ;) Rigtig god søndag aften: :))


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