Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Garniture from GARN-ITURE

The word garniture means something which decorates, or it means a kind of accompaniment (often used when talking about food).

But here in Denmark garniture has a whole new meaning as well, because
GARN-ITURE is a shop in Copenhagen. Garn is the word for yarn in Dansih and so it's perfect for the little play on words in the name of the shop.

I have mentioned this fine and fanciful shop several times before, but it deserves being talked about a lot.

Once more I got tempted by some of the lovely things, Dorthe Hass shows on the blog she has in connection to the shop.
With my favourite dotty fabric in mind, I fell in love with these tiny knitted mamelukes. I can easily see them with a dress, a tunic or an apron like this.

So I ordered some yellow yarn at GARN-ITURE and the pattern for the mamelukes. I also ordered yarn in orange and pink for a pair of knitted baby pants. Those colors will suit many of the dots perfectly.

I have bought things from the shop quite a few times before, and the owner Dorthe Hass is alwyas very helpfull and kind, and I'm thrilled that she gives the ones of us who don't live near Copenhagen, the chance to buy her materials and other goodies.

And that's how I got some garniture form GARN-ITURE...


  1. Uha, Ulla, det garn er da lige til at sætte tænderne i!

  2. Jeg er også vild med det, Mette. :)) Du er heldig at du ikke har så langt til butikken. ;)
    Jeg tror jeg kunne købe mig fattig der.

    Hav det godt. :))

  3. ohhu, i was about to move to copenhagen but now it is israel so i am VERY far from this shop... the fabrics look lovely! do you think she ships out of the country? it will probably be very expensive if she does...


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