Tuesday, February 01, 2011

A pure necessity!

I can hardly wait till this fantastic dotty fabric hits the shops in March. Once more it's Riley Blake who made me sigh for their designs.

It has really been a long time ago since I have seen a piece of fabric, which I love as much as this!
It makes me think of warm summer days with popsicles and cold squash, and little girls in adorable tutus in gorgeous pastels.

What to make of the fabric when it arrives here in my mailbox, is not a problem at all. I want to make little summer trousers for our 2 little nieces - like the red Gingham ones I made for my sweet neighbour girl Maria.
Actually I must admit that I have thought about making something for myself in it too. A tunic to wear on lazy days at home would be great.


  1. O yes, this looks beautiful! Warm but also fresh and sweet, and retro and such fabrics needs no combine, they do impress by themselves on a simple pattern, without a lot of ruffles or so ...You will make beautiful pants I'm sure! :)
    XXX Uta

  2. Thank you so much, Uta. :))

    I totally agree with you. A fabric like this needs nothing to look good. A plain pattern and the dots will look their best. :))

    The colours are simply fabulous...so soft. I can easily see a little girl in trousers or a summerdress full of gorgeous dots. :))

    Have a lovely Tuesday...


  3. Jeg ser lige for mig: en tunika i dette skønne stof og skriggule sandaler - STANG-smart, altså :-)

  4. Åh ja - det kan jeg sagtens forestille mig, Rosanna. Og små brune sommerben. Ja, det kan for min skyld også sagtens være voksne, brune sommerben. Det længes jeg efter at have. :))

    Jeg er bare nødt til at købe mange meter af det her stof, når det kommer - det vil jeg aldrig blive træt af. :))


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