Monday, January 28, 2008

Snowdrop in my garden

A 1000 bloggers have probably show this kind of picture allready, but I don't mind. This little fellow popped up in our front garden, and made me so happy, excited and a bit surprised....I love it when plants start showing their lovely little faces!! Too bad that the camera focused on the weeds instead of the elegant snow-drop..... (Hrmmmpf!!) And the very, very old hyacinth has also begun to grow. Our old neighbour Marie, who lived in our road for more than 50 years, told us that the hyacinth has grown at the same place for at least 40 years. I find that quite amazing, and think about it every single time I see it and pass by it.... It gets the most wonderful blue colour when the weather gets warmer, and simply smells like heaven when its flowers unfold.

When it comes to sewing I'm making these tiny, stripy trousers. All that's left to do, is to put some trims at the bottom of the trouserlegs. Then they will be done... All ready for spring to appear!!


  1. Og så var det lige at mor her kom i tanke om, at alle de vintergækløg hun købte i efteråret stadig står i en pose i skuret :-(

    Nå, jeg vil nyde billederne af i andres, og så håbe på, at løgene stadig er gode og kan smides i jorden til fornøjelse næste år...

  2. Ved du hvad? Jeg har endelig husket det i denne sæson....Jeg plejer også altid at finde dem for sent!!!

    Du må have dem i jorden til efteråret :0)

  3. Oh, signs of spring! What a beautiful sight. It will be weeks yet before we see spring here, so for now, I will rejoice in seeing your first snowdrop of the season.

  4. The sight of the first snowdrops in our garden fills me with hope and joy; the days are growing longer and spring is in the air...

  5. Actually I had hoped for snow to come, Kathrine - but if we can't get that, then a snowdrop will do just fine....

    Hope you see spring soon in Canada :0) But I guess it will take a couple of months before you do?


    Welcome to my blog, Annemie. How nice of you to drop by!

    Your snowdrops certainly outnumber my single one....but we share the pleasure and joy of seing them pop up.
    I hope spring is coming soon - here in Denmark days are getting longer and yesterday it didn't get dark untill 5 o'clock!! LOVELY...


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