Wednesday, January 09, 2008

In the mail today

In the mail today, originally uploaded by lille-ursus.

I got this lovely packet in the mail today. It was no surprise at all, because I ordered it myself. It is from this shop, a new one I never have tried before.

But at "Tidens Hjem" they had the green and pink Christmas balls, which look like the ones we had at home, when I was a child. I loved them dearly and allways put them on the tree.

I haven't been able to find them anywhere untill now - sadly they didn't have them in pastel colours, but these will do just fine.

Since all the Christmas ornaments are on sale at this time of year, I usually look for Maileg stuff. Emil has talked about adding a cat to our row of hanging Maileg pixies, for quite a while. Today we got one - all stripy and with magnets in his paws.

Now the cat has a lot of days to get ready for Christmas - because it takes a strong and fit cat to hang in it's arms for 30 days....


  1. Hvor er de fine. Så kan du bare glæde dig til december ;-)
    Jo ældre man bliver, jo mere betyder barndommens traditioner....

  2. Tak for det, Gitte.
    Jeg blev helt salig da jeg endelig fandt den slags " ½ kugler med hul i"!!
    Ja, de ting man holdt meget af i barndommen, fylder bestemt mere med alderen.


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