Monday, January 21, 2008

January Hat

January Hat, originally uploaded by NuttyIrishmanKnits.

Knitting is a wonderful way of spending your time - that is a fact.....

Some of us learn it in our childhood, some of us doesn't learn it all, and some people discover the beauty of knitting as adults.

This beautiful hat - January Hat - is made and designed by a girl called Jen. (On flickr she is NuttyIrishmanKnits....) She started to knit a year ago!!!!! And look how far she has come.

I admire the drive that Jen most have had while developing this fine abillity.....

I love the shape of this hat and the red stars in the pattern. I'm going to knit it for myself sometime. Maybe in paleblue and brown or 2 shades of green.

Jen generously allowed me to show her beatiful hat on my blog - I thought you should have the pleasure of getting to know her and her knitting!

The January Hat is available for everyone to download. Go to the blog "NuttyIrishmanKnits" and find the pattern.

And while you are there, have a good look around. I'm sure you will get some inspiration.....


  1. Ulla, wow. I don't know what to say. Thank you so much for your lovely sentiments. And I cannot wait to see your January Hat knit in the pale blue (I call Robin's Egg) and brown.)

    As we say in the South, "Girl, you're a keeper!"

  2. Absolutely lovely! Lyder godt med brunt og blåt - og også grønt.

    Måske jeg har nogle rester ;-) Er virkelig i restehumør lige nu.......

  3. Lovely blog you have!
    Thanks for visiting mine too.

  4. Wow Ulla, she learnt to knit in just one year. I love her gloves. I wished I could also knit like her, but when I look at all the patterns and the signs who shows you what to do:(. In school there was the teacher who explaint me everything. Isn´t there a knitting blog out there that shows me everything by foto step by step. I don´t know but with sewing I don´t have these problems:(((....liebe Grüße ...*Marie*

  5. Thanks a lot for all of your sweet comments everyone...

    No problem at all, Jennifer. There were so many nice things to write. And thanks again for letting me show your beautiful hat :0)

    Du er effektiv med dine rester, Gitte. Smukke vanter og det vil da være fuldendt med en hue til...
    Skønt at få brugt alle de små bundter der hober sig op :0)

    Thank you so much, janet clare. I can only say the same to you.
    Thanks for stopping by - I will certainly visit your blog again. You have so many wonderful ideas :)

    Dear Marie, Jennifer sure is good. I believe it is stunning too what she has done!
    Knitting can be a bit tricky, but so can sewing sometimes ;0)
    I'm sure that there are a lot of sites on the internet that shows how to knit. With your skills I think you could learn in no time...
    Mange hilsner
    Ulla :)


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