Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A slow day

zoo, originally uploaded by miss pompon.

Having had a wonderful, funny NEW YEARS EVE all I need on a day like this is simply some hugs from my loved ones, PJs, a good movie on TV and lots of wonderful inspiration.....Like this little zoo from miss pompon on flickr!

It is a if the entire country has gone to sleep - aparte from the occasional couples passing our windows on their afternoon walks.

But tomorrow the children go back to school and everyday life returns.
On the 1st day after holidays I always miss my children terribly after being with them all day long....

Well, of to the couch and some hugs.......

I wish you all a happy new year and hope that some of your tiny and big dreams may come true...


  1. Har iøvrigt lagt en lille henvisning til dig ind på min hjemmeside. Håber det er OK.

    Sene bloghilsner fra

  2. Jeg håber, at du og din familie kom godt ind i det nye år, Gitte.

    Tusind tak for henvisningen - det gør mig kun glad!

    Endnu senere bloghilsner (00:59 -og det er endda skoledag i morgen!!!)


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