Sunday, February 01, 2009


Reading the word Pinocchio, I bet you think of a little wooden fellow with an ever growing nose.....or maybe a special kind of candy we have in Denmark, shaped like peas in different colours and tasting like liquorice.

At least that's what I thought about untill I saw this fabulous piece of design from HAY.

A carpet called Pinocchio....

It's made by lots and lots of small felt balls in various colours, which have been put on a string.

I would absolutely adore having one of those carpets in my living room - I do wonder how hoovering it would be like, though?



  1. Du finder de lækreste ting!
    Dejlig fodmassage, måske?

  2. Det er SÅ tæt på, at jeg går på shopping på internettet, køber i kilovis af uld i alskens pinocchio-farver, og derefter sætter ungerne til at filte kugler i massevis.
    HOLD da op, hvor er det dog et flot tæppe! Praktisk - næppe, men meget meget flot!

  3. Wow, it's gorgeous! I'm also thinking that placemats like this would be cute.

  4. I really think so too, oiyi ;0) It's such a simple idea but with such effect!


    Mange tak, Annette :0) Ja, fodmassage var nok ikke så ringe en idé med sådan et tæppe ;0)


    Jeg har haft den samme trang, Rosanna ;0)) Jeg kunne da bare starte med et lillebitte tæppe ;0)

    Yderst upraktisk tror jeg også det er!! Men det er noget nær det smukkeste tæppe jeg nogensinde har set.


    It really is, Sam :0) And what a great idea to have a placemat made in the same way :0)

  5. It looks absolutely lovely. I have seen one that was made of pompoms that looked much like it, maybe softer. And that was handmade. I just can't remember where. It was a blog and a book.


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