Thursday, February 19, 2009

My bigsister

Today I send lots of thoughts and birthday wishes to my bigsister...She is turning 45 and soon she will be on her way to Fyn, on a well deserved weekend holiday.
She is my dearest friend and I know that I can count on her, every single time. She has a wonderful sense of humour and we have had so many laughs together.
I admire her so much for the way she deals with life.....
I know that I have been rather annoying when I was a child (and probably also as a grown up). There are 7 years between us, so I guess that a 7 year old little sister isn't that fun to a 14 year old bigsister!!

I certainly remember an incident or two where I must have been extremely irritating!!

Happy birthday dear Lotte!


  1. I came across your blog and enjoyed your big-sis comments. I am a big sister, only 18 months between us though. Hopefully my girls ( I have 5, oldest and youngest 9 yrs apart)will have such thoughful birthday wishes for each other when grown.

  2. Stort tillykke til Lotte med fødselsdagen :-)

  3. Mom of 5, what a sweet thing to say :0) I think that my sister deserves every word and even more.

    I have the same hope as you for my children. How wonderful it must be to have 5 :0)


    Mange tak, Gitte. Ja, du ved jo hvem hun er fra "gamle dage" ;0)
    Hun ligner overhovedet ikke én på 45 - alle dage har hun set yngre ud :0)


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