Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Saturday in November

A day can very easily be described in only 4 parts:

  • I finished embroidering the bouncing footballs.

  • Anne-Sophie delivered her adventcalender to her boyfriend (the little notes are hints on what to expect in the gift of the day)

  • A kit for a stripy zebra-ko (zebra cow!!) went home with me from a local knitting market.

  • Christmas came into our house - the poor candle almost crumbled (around December 22th, 23rd and 24th!) as I was trying to make it stand....

And tomorrow comes a new day with other things to do...can you tell that I was SO tired while I was writing?? ;0)

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  1. Gisp, hvor har du nået meget. Hjemme hos mig er advents"kransen" (4 bloklys på et fad med noget moshalløj = skrabet udgave) det eneste julepynt, der er fremme. Det MÅ ske i denne uge, at julepynten dukker op fra gemmerne i kælderen, ikke?


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