Monday, December 01, 2008

A really fine day

My wonderful sister brought me these gorgeous gifts yesterday - it's an adventcalender which is beautifully wrapped and it's for me!!

I haven't had an adventcalender for many years. I guess the last one I got, was way back in 1990 when I lived in London and was missing my family badly! At that time it was from my sweet sister as well....

Luckily I could open a bit of this one right away - even though I did all the boring things before opening it, to make the pleasure longer!!

Inside the shiny black wrapping paper I found 2 pairs of Noa Noa socks. I LOVE Noa Noa socks, and my sister knows that! Having cold feet is definitely not an option in my life...

My brother in law gave me this beautiful wreath to hang on our frontdoor. I just find it very cozy when our guests, through December, are met by a wreath at our door.

In the afternoon we decorated our house for Christmas. It's always a moment of joy and a source of great pleasure to see our box of Christmas ornaments again. So many funny and wonderful things, which we almost forgot we had....

Of course we have lots and lots of candles at this time of year too. Candles - among many other things and feelings - are a perfect example of the cozyness I associate with Christmas.

Our pixies were put in good places, hearts were hung in our windows and these figurines look at us when ever we pass their way.

On his way to bed Emil peeked through the window, which we have between our kitchen and our livingroom....he also had a great day.

Lying in my bed I couldn't help smiling in the dark and feeling very blessed to have a family like mine.

I truely think that each one of them enrich my life immensely by being the persons they me that will always be the very best part of Christmas...


  1. What pretty gifts and such a lovely wreath! Hope you have fun discovering the advent calendar over the next few weeks! :)

  2. Hvor er du heldig Ulla. Sikken en dejlig søster at have. Og hvor et kransen smuk.

    Vær du bare glad og stolt af den familie ;-)

  3. I felt so lucky, petit détails! All those wonderful things for me. I simply have the best sister in the world...

    I'm allready looking forward to opening the next gift. But now the adventcalender is hanging in my kitchen where I can admire the looks of it ;0)


    Tusind tak :0))) Jeg føler mig også umådelig heldig, Gitte. Min storesøster - og resten af min familie - er uundværlig i mit liv...jeg er utrolig stolt af hende. Hun er en enestående person.

    Det var nogle vidunderlige overraskelser de kom med i går. Og mine nye sokker er allerede i brug. Nu gælder det bare om at have dem for sig selv ;0)

  4. Hi Ulla,
    Here in Holland our house is filling up with 'Zwarte Pietjes', little black Petes, helpers of Sinterklaas. He will be arriving on Friday, giving presents to all the Dutch children and mocky poems to the adults.
    And I to feel so blessed having a great husband, and a lovely little boy, who finaly came into our life after so many years.
    Greetings, Ria (oddwise).

  5. nej, hvor er du heldig. Det er bare så mange år siden jeg har fået adventskalender, nyder du det ikke supermeget? Sikke en sød familie du har dig :O)

  6. Isn't it wonderful to have an advent calendar ? My sister gives me mine and I give her one, too. I love it every morning.
    Your son has a beautiful face. Resting in himself.

  7. Such an inspirational and happy post! It just made me smile from ear to ear! I am so glad you are so happy!

    :) annax

  8. christmas...! looks.. like christmas.. coming soon!

  9. what a sweet sister you have.its beautifully wrapped.


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