Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A wonderful surprise

When I saw Emil through a window of ours, on his way back from school, I could see that he was carrying something precoius and heavy....he was hiding it under his coat. I could tell from the look on his face, that he was anxious to show what it was.... He barely entered the frontdoor before he yelled "mom, I have something for you and dad. It's an early Christmas present."

Emil very gently moved his coat aside and this is the wonderful treasure he revealed:

He had made it in an art lesson at school and he wanted us to have the bust now, because last year he gave us a present made out of clay as well, and it unfortunately had a bit broken off when we opened his present. Emil wouldn't risk that happening again - I totally agree! There's no need to risk such accidents by wrapping the bust for Christmas....

Now our gorgeous present is standing in our window-sill - it goes so well along with the clay flowerpots.

Every time I look out the window while sitting at the computer, my heart melts when my eyes meet the bust.....what a wonderful surprise.


  1. What a great gift to have:o)

  2. Thank you very much, Iinu :0))

    I just love when our children make things - and it's important to me that we keep our gifts where they can look fine and be seen. They really make both my husband and I happy, every time we look at them.

    Some people don't agree on this subject and think that such gifts should be put aside. I totally disagree!!

  3. What a sweet gift from your sweet boy! I love nothing more than handmade gifts and the ones I have from my sons are treasures. I agree with you, Ulla, and I always display those handmade treasures.

  4. Very sweet gift.

  5. How sweet of you Kathrine ;0) Thanks a lot! I really appriciate your comment.

    I can tell that you and I agree on many subjects...especially concerning our wonderful children :0))


    Thank you very much, Oiyi. I just adore the things our children have made for us.

  6. it is so cute !
    and i understand the emotion tears !

  7. Thank you very much, Valerie :0) I just couldn't help crying. He had spent so much time making it, watching over it, and looking forward to giving it to me. :0))


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