Wednesday, November 19, 2008

This or that?

If I could decide - and didn't have to take any notice of Christmas wish lists what so ever - then I would buy most of my presents on gorgeous etsy....

This wonderful birthday set made by Middleburg would make a mom of small children happy.

A bird mug would be a perfect gift for a grandmother, who loves coffee. This one is made by Catherine Reece.

The superhero bag from Helisengezer would be just fine for a sister's purse and other handy items.

A little cousin would enjoy pulling the flowery elephant from Matsutake up and down the living room floor.

This amazing ring would charm any girlfriend - and if you want it then go have a look at Touchthedutch's etsy shop.

A dad could very easily keep his change in a nice little tin like the one you can find at Silverymoonart. Eventhough I wouldn't advice him to carry it around - what a noise that would make!

If any of the receivers didn't like their gifts, it wouldn't be a problem at all - I would gladly take the gifts back and keep it all myself!

Luckily I am not to decide what my family write on their wish lists. How boring and impersonal it would be, if I was to choose all the presents without thinking of their wishes.....


  1. Oooohhh...I love all your Etsy finds. Now, I gotta go look at the shops that you linked to.

  2. åh, man kunne købe sig SÅ fattig på Etsy... ofte stiller jeg mig selv følgende spørgsmål:
    HVORFOR er der altid så meget måned tilbage i slutningen af lønnen?????

  3. Thanks a lot - I'm happy you like them, oiyi :0) I hope you saw all the other wonderful things, these talented people have in their etsy shops ;0)


    Du har så inderligt ret, Rosanna!! Mådehold skal man udstyre sig med når man bevæger sig ind på etsy ;0)

    Og hvor er det en god vending...der er også alt for meget måned tilbage i slutningen af min løn ;0)) Heldigvis er vi to nok ikke de eneste der kender til det!

  4. I know that the bird mug is going to be on my list!


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