Thursday, November 13, 2008

Knitted and felted

Remember how much my daughter enjoyed knitting??

The black poncho is all done...and has been so for many months. I really love to see Anne-Sophie wear something which she has made all by herself... Since then she has made a purple scarf and recently she began another knitting project.

She has decided to make a pair of knitted and felted slippers. The pattern was found on the very inspirering website made by DROPS. This is how they are going to look like, when they are done. The yarn she is using, is a fine shade of green and 100% of wool - Natur Uld. With this project Anne-Sophie has gotton around to use various knitting terms, and she's getting the hang of it, if you ask me.

The slippers are not for herself...they are a part of a advent calender she is making for her boyfriend. And he loves homemade slippers...that she already knows!


  1. oh, den kærlighed, den kærlighed. hvor er hun dog sød.
    ps.... hvor strikker hun i øvrigt pænt, din Anne-Sophie

  2. Hvor er hun sød. Kalendergaver til kæresten og så hjemmelavede.

  3. That is so wonderful that your daughter likes knitting.

  4. It's very sweet of your daughter to make a advent calendar for a boyfriend!
    And knitting is so much fun...I spent last night with my knittings as well:o)

  5. Oh ja, den kærlighed, Rosanna...hun går så højt op i pakkekalenderen og hun finder på nogle helt gode ting.

    Jeg skal hilse fra Anne-Sophie og sige tak :0)


    Hun er meget glad for ham, Gitte så pakkekalender skulle han ha' :0) At nogle af dem er hjemmelavede synes jeg også er en god idé, og hendes kærste vil værdsætte det. Så er det hele besværet værd.

    Tak for de søde ord :0))

    PS. Hvor er det hyggeligt at kigge på dig mens man skriver :0)


    I'm thrilled about it, oiyi!! :0) I think it so important to be able to do things with your hands. It's such a great way to realax ;0)


    I think it was a sweet thought, too, Iinu :0)

    I feel the same way - I love to make my husband happy and if I can surprise him it's even better :0)

    I love that Anne-Sophie has become so happy about knitting...that's something which will be with her all her life.


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