Friday, November 07, 2008


I find it very nice and heartwarming to recieve a homemade present (just got one yesterday) And since we are getting closer and closer to Christmas I think it's time to decide which projects and presents you might want to make yourself. (Maybe you want to buy them instead and that's just fine as well) :) Never mind if you don't usually sew...Help can be found!! Here for example:

Just take a look at these wonderful jackets in wool from Små Tekstiler - perfect for someone who really wants to try to sew and wants to surprise a family member or a little friend.

You don't have to trace a pattern, add seem allowances or cut out the pieces of fabric - everything is prepared for you.

"All" you have to do is sit by your sewingmachine and sew the pieces together. How to do that, is carefully described in the sewing instructions which comes along with the fabric. You also get a roll of sewing thread to match the jacket...

BUT maybe it's not you who is going to do the sewing, but instead it's your child.

If you have a look here you will find SO many wonderful things for your child to make. Who wouldn't want to make a grandmother happy by giving her a fine new brooche or some fine, little birds to hang in her window??

Last year Emil and I made some of the brooches....

I know by experience that you will get a very fine and good product when you buy things at Små Tekstiler.

Recently I found another funny shop which have the same "mission" make it easy to sew a wonderful piece of clothes.

It's called .

You can choose different models, fabrics and colours. Fine projects to the little blouse you can see below.

According to me it's such a wonderful feeling to have made something with your hands....and I'm sure that someone else might think the same way, if he or she is the lucky person who has gotten a homemade present from YOU.....


  1. Thankyou for this link. I never knew such shops existed and even though I cannot read what is said I still find it useful. Yes sewing for someone is a great feeling. Cherrie

  2. You are very welcome, willywagtail and I'm just happy to be able to help ;0)
    I do see why Danish is rather difficult for you to understand - everyone says that it's a difficult and strange language ;0)

    I think that it's such a great idea that you can buy a packet full of parts to sew...maybe it gives some people what it takes to try it out on their own one day!

    Ulla :0)


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