Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Thanks a lot, Ida

...for giving us such a wonderful morning.

My wonderful niece Ida graduated from upper secondary school today and got her well earned student's cap. And the fact that she finished it off with the highest possible grade, made it even better for her...and for all of us from her family, who were lucky to be there and share the moment with her. She was so happy and so beautiful...

In fact we know another lovely student; yesterday sweet Andrea - my dear friend Liselotte's daughter - got her cap, too.

I remember what a wonderful feeling it was to put that student's cap on my head, and leave all the hard work and stress behind me.

However, I don't think that it beats the feeling of having a child who graduates. My sister was so proud of Ida and extremely happy on her behalf.

Well, next year Anne-Sophie will let me know which is the better feeling...


  1. So much love and sweetness!

    Congratulations to Ida and all your family!

    BIg hug Nina

  2. Thanks a lot, Nina. :)) I'm really happy that you think so. :))
    It was indeed a morning full of smiles and caring feelings. I always get so emotional when such happy moments occure to family and friends. ;))

    A big hug for you too. :))

  3. Kære Julia!

    Jeg har netop lige skrevet en kommentar på din blog, fordi jeg så i overskriften at du afslørede vinderen. Og så var det mig!!!! :))))

    Jeg er ovenud lykkelig for den super smukke gevinst. Tænk at jeg er så heldig at få et at dine vidunderlige strikkede sjaler!

    Af hjertet mange gange tak. :)))



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