Monday, June 07, 2010

Old kitchen wallpaper

Old kitchen wallpaper, originally uploaded by lille-ursus.

When we renovated our kitchen, in our house from 1912, we found this old wallpaper under several layers of other wallpapers.
I gently tore this piece of the wall.

The print immediately appealed to me - though I wouldn't decorate a whole room with. Not with our low ceilings...

At the time I painted a lot of pictures and I knew from the moment I saw this oldfashioned wallpaper, that I wanted to use this little scrap in a painting. To bring together something new and something aged by time could be fun.

I recently found the brown and yellow colored piece again when I was moving my sewingroom.
Every time I see it, I get an urge to get started on the painting.

But I have to have the perfect idea ready in my head before I begin. I wouldn't want to waste this wallpaper due to haste - haste makes waste, you know....


  1. What a nice hidden treasure! At least you were able to salvage a good size scrap.

  2. Helt enig ;-) 'glæder mig til at se hvad det bliver til.


  3. I have always loved to see what old wallpaper was hiding underneath the layers, Fallon. :)) This old one is so funny to have - a little piece of lost time. And you are right; I'm glad that I got a good piece of. :)


    Jeg kan ikke lade være med at tænke på hvem det mon var der satte tapetet op, Wenche. Det ligner meget det tapet min bedstemor havde i sit køkken for mange år tilbage. :))
    Jeg er utrolig spændt på at få billedet lavet engang, og indtil da ligger tapetlappen godt gemt og beskyttet i en plastiklomme...og venter på større dage. ;))



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