Monday, June 14, 2010

A few favourites in June

A few favourites in June, originally uploaded by lille-ursus.


  1. Oh, so nice to see the second picture with little Lieschen in her suitcase!

    Micha sent this doll to me when I was not doing well during the last weeks. So the other day the postman was ringing - and brought this little girl. Isn´t she lovely? I felt like a child at christmas eve.

    And the funny thing is that I did not own any doll made by another dollmaker than me. But that now has changed...

    Hope you ar well, Ulla, and enjoy Mr. Summer although he still is a bit shy

  2. Dear Juliane,
    Thank you so much for your mail - I always love to hear from you. :)) I will definitely get back to you one of these days. :))

    You are so lucky to be the owner of that fabulous doll. And what a sweet thought it was. Things like that go straight to the heart.

    I hope that you are feeling better - I have been thinking about you. It's so hard when the body hurts.

    I will write to you soon - take good care, Juliane. :))


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