Monday, June 21, 2010


On a lovely sunny day we went to a special and beautiful place. There are old ruins there, fabulous and breathtaking nature and lots of peace. The perfect place to spend some time with your loved ones.

I did bring a little embroidery work - this pattern - in our rucksack, but there was no need for stitching.

Have a lovely Monday...


  1. Ulla, this looks beautiful! Looks like we had a nice weekend, both of us!

    The kids and I have been travelling to Austria on Wednesday (again) and the camera came on Friday to join us for a happy weekend away from the rain here...

    Bid hug to you, I hope all is well,


  2. Der ser lækkert ud - hvor er det henne? vi var ved Dollerup Bakker og Hald sø igår, det var spontant og rasende fantastisk (og smukt)..

  3. It is such a beautiful place, Nina. We love to see historical things and the ruins are just that. :)) We sure had a lovely weekend although my back was acting bad.

    It must have been great with a little holiday in Austria with your family. Too bad that the rain keeps coming in Germany. I hope you haven't suffered too bad from it? We see a lot of unfortunate people on tv who have lost so much because of the rain these days.

    We have finally had a few sunny days - oh, it's so lovely. :))

    A big hug for you as well and wishes of sunny days.



    Det er et helt vidunderligt sted, Helle. Og faktisk lige i nabolaget af Dollerup Bakker. Det elsker vi også i min familie. (Det er ikke længe siden vi var der sidst, for at nyde naturen, spise is og betragte legende lam).

    Stedet hedder Hald Ruin og er en lille halvø hvor resterne af borgen stadig kan ses i et vist omfang. Hvis du ved hvor Hald Hovedgård er, så finder du også nemt stien mod ruinen. Et perfekt sted til en madkurv. :))

  4. Dear Ulla,

    thank god we live high above the waterline of all lakes around us. And not near to a river, so we are safe. But you are right, the rain is so heavy these days that all rivers are flooded and many people have damages on their houses and values.

    The sun is supposed to be back by Thursday so let's hope for summer to arrive then...

    Big hug, Nina


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