Sunday, September 06, 2009


I know that I just recently showed you a piece of Christmas fabric, but now you have to see another one. This is even more beautiful than the one I bought for the Christmas dress - at least I think so...

This fabric has trees on it as well, but the colors are brighter and more happy....

I love that touch of childhood which the print on the fabric has...a quality which I have always loved.

I bought some of Amy Butler's beautiful fabric too. The colours pink, lime green and grey go so well together, and will be perfect for a dress or a tunic for me.

Maybe I should buy this pattern from the Danish company ONION:

I really like the length of the sleeves and the ribbon in the neckline.

Oh yes, I'm's going to be pattern number 2027....


  1. Jeg købte Linnea i går ;-)

    Skønne stoffer. Det med træerne er så sødt.
    Synes absolut du skal købe mønsteret ;-)

  2. Both fabrics are so pretty, Ulla! The first I thought when you wrote about the christmas dress:

    Why not use the special-season fabric only for trimming or cuffs which you could attach by using press studs? By doing that, you could pretty-up any dress or blouse for christmas...

    I use to do it from time to time for black clothes which is perfect when I am travelling with very little space in my suitcase. Matching earrings or ribbons - and I can change a style within a few seconds.

    Have an calm and crafty sunday evening!

  3. Oh, I am in love with the Xmas fabric too, but I cannot think of anything I could use it for except pajamas for my little one. To make a skirt, pants or dress is just too....oh you know too ........! I cannot imagine my little one wearing a cotton dress in December. Maybe attaching it to a knit as cuffs or a hem band. Maybe.....

  4. ;))) Er den ikke bare smuk, Gitte? Jeg drømmer om den i voksen størrelse også - og det kommer iflg. Sannes blog. :))

    Jeg tror også at jeg er nødt til at købe det mønster, Gitte - det skal nok blive et yndlings. :))


    Thanks a lot, Juliane. :))
    You always have such splendid ideas! I like that thought about letting the fabric be turned into accessories.
    And what a fine way to change the look of your clothes while travelling light. :))

    It's just magical with blogfriends like you. :))

    Have a nice Monday. :))


    1000 tak, Anna :)) Selvom jeg lige har købt stof med juletræer, så kunne jeg ikke stå for disse. Jeg elsker det naive udtryk de er lavet med. :))

    Og Amy Butler stoffet...ja, det har jeg længe drømt om. ;))


    It is indeed a lovely fabric, Jeannine :)) It's funny how we look upon the possibilities of the fabric in different ways.
    I think I'm going to make a little Christmas skirt, which is going to be reversible. In that way it will have a linning too, and make it a bit warmer. :))

  5. Good morning dear Ulla,

    indeed a very pretty christmas tree fabric and more friendly as you said.

    You always find pretty patterns and I'm looking foreward to seeing the result as always.

    Wishing you a great week, kind regards Nina

  6. That is really bright happy christmas fabric - I love it!

  7. Dear Nina,

    Thank you so much for your sweet words. :))

    I hope to make the tunic for myself soon. I really need some new clothes for the autumn...

    The Christmas fabric is indeed more friendly than the one I bought earlier. More childish...I love that. :))

    Have a wonderful - and hopefully sunny - Monday.


    Jodie, thanks a lot. :)) I like that fabric too eventhough it's a rather limited period of time it can be worn.
    We don't have that kind of fabric here in Denmark. It's so great that it's whimsy and elegant at the same time. :))

  8. Det der juletræs-stof er jo fantastisk! Og jeg GLÆDER mig til at se tunikaen. Den bliver helt sikkert super! Hvis min datter ser det, så bliver jeg plaget og plaget om at lave en til hende også, så shhhhh.... ;O)

  9. Så mye fint du har på bloggen din! Jeg også elsker dette stoffet! Har det i litt andre fargenøyanser. Synes Amy Butler har masse flotte stoffer! Aldri dumt å kjøpe :)

  10. 1000 tak, Vibeke :)) Jeg elsker også Amy Butlers smukke mønstre og farver.
    Jeg har stadig ikke kunnet nænne at sy noget i stoffet endnu, men det kommer. ;))


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