Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Here you are!

A while ago I was lucky enough to get an " I think you are an awesome girl" award from Wenche at Tusindfryd. Thanks you so much sweet, Wenche. :)) Along with it came a little challenge, which told me to tell you 10 things about me....

I had to think for a few days, but here you go - 10 more or less weird things about me. And of course that goes without saying, that my family is the biggest essence of my life:

  • I broke my front tooth in a bumpercar in a tiny touring funfair when I was seven.
  • I'm a huge fan of raw potatoes...
  • Prince is the artist I dream of hearing - and seing - in the future.
  • It takes a lot to make me angry - I actually have the patience of a saint (at least I like to think so - my family might not agree).
  • I hate playing Monopoly - but I love playing Mastermind.
  • You will never see me with long hair. That is a long gone thing for me....
  • Sweden is my favorite country - I love all things Swedish and Swedish people. They are so kind.
  • I always, always tend to cook too much food!
  • If I hadn't been in a car accident which totally changed my life, I would have loved to have a tiny shop of my own. Full of children's clothes and arts and crafts by talented people.
  • My goal is to enjoy and seize the day. Small everyday things often tend to be the biggest moments in my life...

So now I leave the opportunity for telling 10 things about yourself to:

Rosanna at Eaviola because she makes me laugh so much with her words. And because of the way she handles and looks upon familielife - it's so wonderful to read about. Furthermore we agree on so many things.

Nina at Nö's familie because she is such a wonderful person, whom I liked the minute she left a comment on my blog. I adore her sense of humour, way of looking upon life and creativity.

Hanne at Tulipaner og Tomater because she is a huge talent. I never get disappointed by her fantastic work, her lovely posts and comments and her giving and helpful person.

Of course it's all up to you whether you want to do it or not....


  1. You said beautiful, cosy and warm words... :) Thanks for a pleasure of reading and thinking!

  2. Thank you so much dear Ulla for your sweet words!

    I will think about 10 things I have to tell (or confess) about me, sure I will, OHHHH DEAR!

    Many kind greetings and a big hug for you,


  3. How sweet of you to say so, Jurga. :)) Some of the things are a bit crazy, but I like the idea of that. ;)

    Have a nice weekend. :))


    You are very welcome, Nina. I meant every word. :))

    I wonder which things you will tell about yourself? It's actually rather exiting. ;))

    Hugs and greetings for you too, and a wonderful weekend...

    Ulla :))

  4. Hej Søde

    Den udfordring klarede du bare til UG. God Weekend ;-)

  5. MANGE tak, Wenche. :))) Der var lidt af hvert om mig. ;)
    Hav også en rigtig god weekend.

    Ulla :))


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