Tuesday, September 08, 2009

In the back of my mind

Along with the cold mornings we are having these days, comes the need for warm and beautiful cardigans. Actually I would choose wearning a cardigan over sweaters (not literally!). Cardigans are much easier to put on - I have always hated pulling sweaters over my head! And I like the casual look of a tunic with an unbuttoned cardigan over it.... So I'm always on the lookout for smart and gorgeous cardigans...

For a long time I have been dreaming about a very elegant one from Sandness.

I know that's it's not that special, and the shape of it has been seen several times before, but nevertheless I adore it.

The grey yarn will go with lots of my clothes, and the little color splashes of lime, pink and purple gives the classic pattern a new twist.

Now you might think that I'm going to start yet another knitting, but then you are wrong.

This lovely pattern I will keep in the back of my mind....and when I finish some of the others things I'm knitting, this fine pattern will pop up in my head right away.


  1. I'm totally pro-cardigan too. I own several cardigans and no sweaters. I buy them though. :)

  2. Dear Ulla,

    I love cardigans too (but also sweaters and the ones with a turtle neck as well in winters). During my whole working carrer I did not wear a "Jacket" (??) "Blazer"(??) but only cardigans and I'm still not a blazer type! Too formal!

    I like the colours and shape, too and I'm always looking for a cozy long cardigan for winter, still haven't found the right one but as the season is coming I'm positive to maybe find THE one this year.

    My mom made me an "Island" Pullover once in very nice colours and I also like the style of your cardigan, it is quite similar...

    Kind regards Nina

  3. När hösten närmar sig så kan man bli extra sugen på mysiga koftor. Önskar att jag var så duktig på att sticka så att jag kunde fixa själv...


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