Monday, September 28, 2009

Girly Girl lollipops and Simple Abundance Retro Dot Sky

How about it? These names are long and strange but nevertheless they reveal the most beautiful prints on fabric.... I have often wondered about how the fabric designers come up with ideas for their fabriclines, but never have I given it a thought how they come up with the names for the fabrics.

Girly Girl Bubblegum Lollipops fabric by Patricia Bravo is not the kind of colors I normally choose.

But there was someting about this happy blue fabric, which I simply couldn't resist. I think it was the pink and the blue against each other, and the need for bright and cheerful colors in the dark autumn days.

Simple Abundance Retro Dot Sky by Moda is in one of my favourite color combos: red and pale blue. And since it had dots too, I just had to have it...

I have lots of fabrics which will go perfectly with this fabric - and I'm sure that I will find a piece of fabric in my stash piles, which will match the Girly Girl Bubblegum Lollipops.

What's the name of your favourite fabric???


  1. Vad glad man blir av tygerna! Mitt favorittyg är Estrid Ericsons "Elefant" från Svenskt Tenn.
    En utmärkelse & utmaning väntar på dig på min blogg.

  2. Echino´s "double gauze bird & berry",
    nani IRO´s "Pocho", Heather Ross´ "Giant Octopi" and Tina Givens´ "Annabella Blue" are my autumn favourites.

    But I am getting some cravings for lollipops all of the sudden... As I said before: I´d better not pass by your blog too often if I´d like to keep my purse closed ;-)))

    And you know how it is with me and "the wrong side of midnight" (as you put it into words) - I might end up in front of the sewing machine in the middle of the night and getting nuts because of missing lollipop fabric ;-)

    Have a crafty evening!

  3. Lovely fabrics! I have quite an eclectic taste but to name a few favourites: Owls in trees by Saffron Craig (yes it's a print with owls in trees), the whole Katie Jump Rope line by Denyse Schmidt (not sure of the individual names and not sure why it's called KJR either)and just based on the name (but the fabric is pretty cute too)'Fairy tiptoes' by Tina Givens.

  4. Jeg synes det er vanskelig å velge en favoritt, men hvis det har ruter, polkadotter eller striper er det en god mulighet for at jeg faller for det. Elsker favorittstoffet ditt :-)

  5. I'm in love with Nani Iro "Fuccra Rakuen blue" from Naomi Ito (after I cannot find my "old" favourite from the Line 2008 Fuccra.? black anymore) And I love the whole Lecien Antique Flower IN PASTELL - Line! Was and is hard to get.

  6. De er skønne begge 2. Hvis Lise skulle vælge ville hun helt klar gå efter nr. 1 og jeg evter nr. 2 ;-)

  7. Jeg tror ikke lige, at jeg har noget. Men de viste stoffer er både sjove og smukke også navnemæssigt.

    Knus ;-)

  8. I'm not very good in names... but I like your Girly Girl Lollipop (...) fabric a lot.

    Have a good day, I have to get the bucket now and clean the house, as the little man is asleep and the tall girl in Kindergarden...

    Big hug, Nina

  9. Det er nemlig også sjovt at tænke på: Hvordan finde designere på navnene? og sikke nogle skønne navne, der hører til de stoffer... ren guf for øjnene

  10. I agree, the first print is so cheery and happy and the second a nice pattern to mix. Love so many fabrics, have trouble finding just one , may have to return with it. Am a big fan of retro Japanese fabrics . Am enjoying reading your blog, have just come across it today.
    ah yes- "Retreat Eggshell" Sanae for Moda (found on Volksfaden).

  11. Tak for din (som altid) dejlige varme kommentar på min blog. Det er da altid skønt at andre synes de kan mærke "mine gode intentioner" helt ud hvor de gerne skulle nå frem.
    Jeg håber ideer kan komme til at flyde mere frit. At designere i fremtiden kan forstå at de jo ikke har opfundet verden, men også har bygget videre på noget der allerede var.
    Kreativitet er jo at kunne udvikle de ideer der kommer "forbi". Jeg håber ved at give opskrifter på små syslerier ud, at andre inspireres og arbejder videre med ideerne. Bare der er respekt om hvor impulsen kom fra....mere "rettighed" kan man ikke have nu om dage.

  12. your girly fabric is gorgeous ! i am sure you will make something really pretty out of it. i am having a halloween giveaway to celebrate the coming of autumn. comevisit if you want to enter. :)
    warm wishes from omnique

  13. Thank you all so much, for your lovely and wonderful comments. It was great fun to read about your favourite fabric names. :))

    I'm sorry that I don't answer you individually this time, but for the last days I have had the flu. (I never ever get sick...)

    Have a great weekend each and every one of you, without the loads of rain we are getting here in Denmark. :))

  14. Nydeleg stoff!

    Eg må berre seie at eg blir så glad av å titte rundt i bloggen din, takk for inspirasjonen!

  15. Ja, jeg kan også rigtig godt lide begge stoffer, Haust. De kom fra USA den anden dag. :)
    Det gør mig virkelig så glad når jeg læaser en kommentar som din. At min lille blog kan glæde og inspirere dig, er det hele værd. :))


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