Monday, August 10, 2009

Waiting for...

I can hardly believe it myself, but I have actually ordered this year's first Christmas fabric.

It's the Figgy Pudding from Moda and if you ask me, then I think that it can be used before and after Christmas as well. It's not that Christmassy...

I'm so thrilled about the colors and shapes on the print, and I'm exited to see the fabric for real.

At the same time I ordered a new pattern for myself designed by Amy Butler.

It's a mini dress, but I'm going to use it more as a tunic. I love long tunics.


  1. Tyget är riktigt snyggt!

  2. Jeg har netop købt en lille syet taske af Amy Butler stof. Jeg er vild med hendes skønne stoffer ;-)

  3. Ja, jeg kan altså også rigtig godt lide det stof, Anna. Jeg overvejede sågar at lave noget til mig selv i det, meeen jeg lod være med at bestille stof til voksen størrelse. ;))


    Hun laver altså også de skønneste taskemønstre, Jeannette
    Mariae. Den får du sikkert megen glæde af.
    Og hendes stof kan jeg også rigtig godt lide... :))
    Jeg er meget spændt på mønsteret - lægget i midten af kjolen/tunikaen elsker jeg.

  4. Dear Ulla,

    the fabric looks indeed very nice. And the tunic looks nice, too - will we see you wearing it?

    I bought a pattern for a trouser for me. So that would be the first item I am sewing for myself (to wear). I bought the pattern from Stof2000 and will see what I can make out of it - maybe I will be answering in danish very soon ; )

    Kind regards Nina

  5. Me again... I just found this fabric store (located in Germany but worldwide delivery).

    Just have a look if you have time, I think they have very nice fabrics.

  6. Loving the tunic dress. If only I was good with a sewing machine and I would make one too. x

  7. Fantastiskt fint tyg! Jag håller med, det är inte så överdrivet julaktigt utan passar hela året.

  8. Dear Nina,

    I just loved the fabric from the 1st time I saw it, but hesitated to buy it right away - we had hot summer days! I looked at it several times, before I finally pushed the "buy" button.

    Whether you will see me in the dress/tunic...hmm ;) Let's see how it turns out. ;))

    How nice that you are going to make trousers for yourself. And I will definitely look for those Danish words in the future. ;))

    Thanks a lot for the link. I will head over right away. :))


    I just really like the shape of it too, Amy. The pleat in the front is very elegant, I think. :)) I have already thought of a fabric from my stash which will be perfect for it. :)


    Åh, hvor er det godt, at jeg ikke er den eneste der synes, at stoffet kan bruges når det ikke er jul, Asplund. :) Jeg glæder mig virkelig til at se de små print der er indeni hvert træ på tættere hold.
    Måske stoffet bliver til en lille julekjole? Det tror jeg. :)


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