Monday, September 07, 2009

Baker's twine

This is where I store my Baker's Twine. When I put it in there it was a lot bigger - now I have used so much of it, that I will have to order a new one soon.

Next time I would like to have the Baker's Twine in white and blue, or maybe white and brown?

I love that kind of string - it's strong and beautiful and can be used for almost everything.

When gifts are wrapped I put it around them, when big brown envelopes need closing the Baker's Twine do the job, when plants need to be held in the air, I simply tie them to a bit of the lovely many ways to use the red and white string.

Sadly, I have a hard time finding the Baker's Twine here in Denmark...and when I finally see some of it, it only comes in small portions. Not in the big reels you see in other countries.

But I will find some...


  1. Kære Ulla

    Helt enig, også min yndlingstråd til gaver og julepynt har netop syet den ind i en stor bunke stoffugle jeg skal hygge mig med at fylde de næste 30 år....
    Jeg fik sidst en stor rulle som din på posthuset ;-)
    Ønsker dig en skøn uge

  2. Baker's twine always adds a nice, charmign touch to everything!

  3. I love Bakers Twine and yours looks so good in that holder.

  4. Oh my do I love baker's twine. Such an awesome way to wrap something up. You know, all "Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String"! I love your holder for it. I'm quite enjoying perusing your blog. Thanks for the inspiration.


  5. Thank you so much all of you. :)) I will never get tired of that beautiful red and white string.

    And thanks a lot for the sweet words about my blog, RootsAndWingsCo. :)) I'm happy that it can inspire you...


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