Thursday, September 03, 2009


Well, now I might just be looked upon as an oldfashioned, absolutely not up to date woman. But I dare write it anyway....

I have bought my very 1st and very own cell phone!!!

I know that it's at least a trillion years too late to make that acquaintance, compared to a huge part of the people in this world. But I haven't had the need for it until now.

However I do know how to use a cell phone, eventhough I might just be the most slow person at all when I'm writing text messages.

But who cares - I'm not in a hurry....


  1. :D I am extremely slow at writing text messages too!

  2. Dear Ulla,

    I know. My cellphone is lying in the bag and I rarely use it. I even dislike it very much when I've been called on it while I'm home. I just don't like to talk with it very much...

    I always thought I was one of the last to get one...

  3. I know, Juliane ;))) I'm looking forward to writing sweet little text messages for my husband and my children. :))

    Have a wonderful weekend.


    I'm so happy that you feel the same way, Nicole! When I write an answer to my daughter on my husband's mobile, I never get to finish the text before my daughter already has written a new one for me. Mostly sounding like this: "mom, are you still there??" ;)))

    Have a nice weekend. :)


    Haha, Nina! :)) The same thing happened to my son when he got his cell phone. Over a period of three months he talked for the "huge" amount of 10 Danish kroner = 1,3 euros!!

    I don't know how much I'm going to use mine - time will show. ;))

    But you are not the last one...thank God that we are 2. :))

    Enjoy the weekend dear Nina. :))

  4. Wow - that means I was A WHOLE YEAR ahead of you! Yes, I bought my first own cellphone September last year. (And no, I'm not 6 years old but 36.)

    I'm not an enemy of technology, just not interested in getting things until I really need them. I always need yarn, though!


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