Thursday, January 01, 2009

18 litres of...

I spent the coming of the new year being happy with a warm heart and surrounded by loved

We had our traditional game of gifts and I was lucky enough to win Emil's contribution: 18 litres of popcorn! I LOVE popcorn....

Today will be spent doing nothing else than the things we feel like doing: relaxing, talking, laughing, watching TV, eating popcorn (!), playing games, reading and maybe knitting a row or two on Anne-Sophie's cardigan.

But when tomorrow comes we will all be ready to grab the opportunities of the new year, and do what we can to make it a good, exciting one full of of love.


  1. Grate! Somebody else LOVE popcorn like me.
    I suppose that...I can eat just by myself 18 litres popcorn. Three times hurraa for popcorn and a New year.

    ..And you have wonderful blog :)

  2. Haha! 2 popcorn lovers...I guess that I could eat 18 litres of popcorn myself as well, if I could get several days to do so ;0)

    A happy new year to you too, and thanks a lot for your nice words about the blog :0)


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