Monday, January 19, 2009

1 warm head to go

A head less to freeze it's ears....

I finished the Flower Toggle Hat from Lucinda Guy's book "Designs for kids".

If you are not familiar with her books and designs yet, then you might want to have a closer look at them. I can highly recommend all of her books...

This hat was easy and quick to knit and the only thing I altered from the original pattern, was to make the stem a bit more strong. I did that by using two threads of the yarn instead of one.

So now the flower stands up instead of hanging...


  1. Elsker den hat. Lise fik en sidste år, i brun med råhvid kant/blomst, og røde, lyserøde støvdragere. Den er ganske enkelt fantastisk. - Bare ikke under en cykelhjelm......

  2. Den som var liten jente igjen.. *sukk*

  3. Oh so pretty!! I got this book a while ago, so I will make something from it when I get a chance.

  4. That. is one of the cutest little hats I've ever seen. Oh, to be able to knit! One day I will learn...

  5. Thank you so much, you have me thinking about crocheting the gorgeous little hat for boys ;0))


    Vi er helt enige, Gitte - der er bare noget over den lille hat :0) Omend den må være lettere irriterende i forbindelse med cykelhjelme ;0) Måske er den mest egnet til leg og deslige :0))


    Ja, det tænker jeg også tit, Bea - der er så mange fantastiske ting til børn idag, som jeg ville have elsket som barn ;0))
    Og Flower Toggle hatten er bestemt én af dem...


    Thank you very much, Oiyi :0)

    I think that Lucinda Guy's designs would look adoring on your sweet little Melody :0))


    It's a wonderful design, Larissa - I absolutly agree with you :0)

    I'm sure that you would be able to knit - you have so much talent in crafting :0)

  6. Very pretty. I love that book too - such cute designs.

  7. Thank you very much, Sam :0) I adore that book and the ones she has made with nightwear and crocheted things for kids ;0)

  8. Oh it is so cute. I have all of her books and highly recommend them to anyone wanting to knit or crochet children's knitwear.


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