Saturday, January 24, 2009

An outlet sale

Today my friend Liselotte and I went to an outlet sale in our little town. It was held by these 2 producers of children's clothes: Baldvinsson and By Richter. I find it rather funny that such a small town as the one I'm living in - about 2000 people - has 2 clever and well respected designers of children's clothes.

Even though Emil has become too big for their clothes, I still wanted to see what they had to offer. I bought 2 vests by Baldvinsson for him though - they seem to be his size...(maybe a bit too short)

...and for Anne-Sophie I got an amazing dress/ tunic from By richter. It was a bit of a chance to take, because I find it hard to find clothes for her which she likes these days. No wonder since she has just turned 17 and buys the most of her clothes herself ;0)) This is how it's the one in the middle. It's so beautiful - especially without a belt...

Picture is borrowed from By Richter's website

And guess what? She likes it - A LOT!!

Both Baldvinsson and By Richter make clothes which are made from good and organic certified materials.

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  1. Congratulations to you on managing to buy something for your daughter. Teenagers are so hard because their tast is always changing and they also want the fun of spending the money themselves I think. Cherrie

  2. Great finds at the outlet sale, Ulla. I'm wondering what it must be like to have a 17 year that buys her own clothes. My son just turned 17 and he hates clothes shopping. I'm sure that will change sometime soon though.

  3. Thanks a lot, cherrie ;0) It is indeed a challange to find something which she likes - once I could do it every single time. Now it's a big event when I find the right thing. And such a day was yesterday...she even wore it today ;0))


    Thank you very much, Katherine...perhaps it's because she's a girl that she likes to buy it herself? Sometimes she asks me about my opinion and she definitely knowns which clothes we wouldn't let her wear ;0)
    My son hates to buy clothes AND shoes as well, but I hope it changes ;0)

    I'm sure too that your son will buy his own clothes all of a sudden...

  4. Lækre sager - og dejligt at din datter også kunne li' hvad du købte med hjem.

    Jeg har givet dig en award - håber du vil tage imod den - find den på min blog...


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