Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Mixed bon bons

I hope that the new year to come, will be as wonderful as a bag of mixed bon bons for each and every one of you.

With lots of sweet, funny and colourful things in your life and of course most of the very best kind.
May you all be loved to bits by your loved ones and acchieve the goals you set for yourself....
Thank you so much for stopping by in really made me happy!


  1. Happy new year! It was joy discovering and reading your blog!

  2. Godt nytår - og masser af blandede bolsjer til dig også :-)

  3. Hi Ulla,
    thank you for blogging. I loved to read your posts and see your knitting, sewing and life.
    Gelukkig nieuwjaar!
    Greetings, Ria

  4. A very happy new year to you too, Christy :0) Thanks a lot for your sweet words - I really enjoyed your blog too...


    Også rigtig godt nytår til dig, Liselotte.

    Lad os håbe, at vi begge får allerflest af de søde og de skønne farverige :0)


    Happy new year to you too, Iinu :0)


    Hi Ria,

    It has been a pleasure to read all of your comments and see your work on flickr.
    Thank you so much for your lovely words :0)

    A very happy new year and best wishes to you too :0)


I - read - and - enjoy - every - single - comment - and - try - to - respond - to - it - as - soon - as - possible.

Thanks - a - lot . . . I - really - appriciate - it.