Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A birthday bag

For the 1st time in 2 months I used my sewingmachine...WHAT a strange feeling!
I wanted to give yesterday's birthday girl a yellow bag, as she had written on her wish list, but it was no where to be found - not in shops nor on the internet! So I decided to make one myself.

I had an idea in my head about how I wanted it to look. The many things which a woman's bag contain were to be put on the outside of it, as decoration. I know that Liselotte likes things (and art) with a naive expression, so I dared making this kind of bag...

A phone, a purse, a set of keys, a lipstick and a little cookie could very easily be the contence of a lady's bag.

So I drew those bits and pieces on the backside of the vliesofix I had ironed on the fabrics. Then I cut them out, ironed them on to the yellow bag and finally stitched around the edges.

I sewed and sewed in order to get it done before we had to go to Liselotte's place for afternoon cocoa and birthdaybuns. But I didn't manage to finish the dotty biastape and the strap. It's very important to me, that the things I make look well made so I didn't what to rush and end up with a slovenly looking one.

I wrapped the whole lot beautifully and luckily we had another gift for her as well (a gift voucher for this fabulous place). So I told Liselotte that she could have 1½ birthday presents on her actual birthday!! (Not the 1st time that have happened to homemade presents of mine - just ask my sister. SO embarrasing)

Today - and perhaps tomorrow too - I will finish the bag for Liselotte. Then she can put women's stuff inside of it....


  1. ulla, hvor er den dog smart den gule taske og så "special made" til sin bedste veninde. den gave er da guld værd.

    ang. flower toggle hat så skrev jeg til lucinda guy og fik svar her til morgen......maskeantallet i opskriften er for en halv hat...så der skal bare lige dobbles op.
    tak for din hjælp!

    kærligste hilsner fra malle

  2. Mange tak, Malle :0) Jeg mangler stadig lige det sidste inden hun kan få den igen.

    Godt gået med Lucinda Guy!! Så forstår vi bedre at det hele ikke gav mening ;0)

    Og selv tak for hjælpen!

    Mange hilsner

  3. Hvor er det en skøn gave! Jeg er ganske overbevist om at den vække lykke, ikke sandt? Supergod idé, som hermed er kopieret og lagret i mit hoved. Tak for det ;O)

  4. Wonderful! The bag is great.

  5. 1000 tak, Rosanna :0) Kopier bare alt det du vil...det er i hvert tilfælde rigtig sjovt at arbejde med applikation :0)

    Rigtig god fredag...


    Thanks a lot, Oiyi :0) I'm almost done with it - now I just need to make the handle :0)


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