Monday, January 19, 2009


What more can I want from a rainy Sunday's blogging, than to recieve an award from Hanne ?? It fills me with joy when someone think of me as an creative blogger, and Hanne even gave me beautiful, heartwarming words along with it as well....

I'm so happy that you had me in mind, Hanne - thanks a lot :0))

Now it's up to me to find seven people whom I want to give the award to, and for that I need a little time to think. Not that it's hard to find 7 well qualified crafty people - actually the hard part is to pick only 7 out!!

P.S. Need I say that you should definitely check out Hanne's blog and gorgeous shop with a lot of unique bags, pillows, childrens' clothes and many more treasures?? You will NOT be dissapointed.....


  1. Mina varmaste gratulationer till Dig, kära Ulla! Ha en solig vecka med alla Dina fåglar och prickar!
    Kram, Juliane

  2. Mange tak, Juliane :0)) Jeg må snart se at få lavet noget ud af mine fugle og prikker ;0)

    En rigtig god uge til dig også.

    Mange hilsner


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