Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Surprises and Hallon Båtar

During December Julia - from Lineanongrata - had an advent give away on her blog. I have enjoyed reading Julia's blog for a while - I love to hear her tell about the wine harvest and life in general. Besides that Julia is a very talented artist....her drawings and illustrations are gorgeous! Well, what I really wanted to say was, that I was one of the lucky winners in the advent give away. And look what came to me in the mail today - all the way from beautiful France:

The finest little bag made out of white linen and a handmade notebook. Julia wrote me a sweet card - the one with her lovely painted bear on it....

During the day I have been thinking about which things I would give the honour of being put in my new white bag. I have narrowed it down to 2 things (my list of choices was long).

1. My current embroidery stuff which I often bring along in my bags.


2. My asthma turbohaler which I have with me where ever I go..

Both are important things for me in my everyday life, and the bag would make them both a lot more beautiful.

The handmade notebook is simply perfect for me. I tend to bring a notebook with me so I can write down - or draw - ideas. The size of the notebook is just great for something like that...

Julia, you made me very happy - thank you so, so much :0))

Oh, I hear the national anthem being played in our TV. I had better go see some handball....and I will bring some Swedish "Hallon båtar" with me!


  1. Du er da heldig ;-)

    - Og vi fører lige nu!!!

  2. I love the idea of the asthma inhaler in your beautiful bag. It almost makes the thoiught of having asthma very chic doesn't it? LOL Cherrie

  3. Ja, jeg var en heldig kartoffel, Gitte :0)

    Og kampen var jo piece of cake!! I dag er det bare rigtig spændende - jeg tror Norge kan give lidt mere modstand...Vi er på rette vej!!


    You made me smile, willywagtail :0) Asthma is indeed chic when I can bring along my medicine in a beautiful, French bag in linen and lace :0))


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