Tuesday, June 07, 2011

I actually finished something!!

Do you remember the yellow & purple numbers I were making a loooong time ago??
They have finally become something - they have been made into 2 pillows. From the very start I had a very special purpose which I wanted to use them for.
I made my own test to see whether the fabric and colours were okay with the recipient - without her knowing of course - and then I started. 

The embroidery took many hours but was so fun to make, and I know that I will have to do these little stitches again. Amazing how a mess of stitches can end up looking like something...

The biggest issue in this project was to find the right pillows to put inside the cushion covers. I searched high and low for them for ages and ages, but I never managed to get them. I could have stuffed the pillow cases with cotton batting but I wanted to use feathers, and that made the whole thing a bit more difficult.

2 pillows in this size - 40 centimetres x 60 centimetres - had to be turned into the size I needed (30 x 50). I used my sewing machine to minimize them and then I started cutting. Oh my!! There were SO many feathers in my kitchen! No matter how careful I did the transformation they kept flying around - tickling my nose.

At last I finished the project. That does happen to me sometimes, you see....


  1. Selvfølgelig har du det. Synes du laver mange lækre ting ;-)

    Super flot pude.

  2. Utrolig flotte! Og vakre! Hva slags sting er det du har brukt? blir så inspirert til å ta opp nål og tråd igjen, du lager mye vakkert!

  3. Tusind tak for jeres søde og rosende ord, Anna, Gitte, Merete og Heidi. Dem værdsætter jeg meget. :))

    Merete, stingene som jeg har brugt hedder på dansk speckle sting mener jeg - men jeg er ikke sikker.

  4. Atjuuuuuu........
    Hvor er de blevet flotte:)

  5. 1000 tak, Hanne. :)) Det tog godt nok også sin tid, men sådan er det vist bare med mig efter jeg fik rigtig dårlig ryg. MEN jeg er så glad når noget når enden og kan tages i brug. :))

  6. Kjempeflott pute!! Eg ser for meg alle fjærene på kjøkkenet. Det må ha vært ett fint syn! :)


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